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Why Go Abroad?

No description

Krysta Gorder

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Why Go Abroad?

The best decision of my life!
Affording Study Abroad
Program Options
Over 1000 programs in 73 countries
Spring Break, Summer, Semester, Year
With some programs you pay NDSU tuition and fees, others NDSU tuition is waived because you pay host school tuition
**Exchanges have a cost difference of only $2,600!
Apply EARLY!
Many deadlines fall during early spring to study abroad for the next academic year
Financial Aid & Alternative Loans
Can use financial aid!
All students who complete FAFSA may take out a federal loan regardless of parents' income
International Studies Major
Internationalize your primary major through study abroad, foreign language study and an integrative senior project
Other Opportunities
Field Studies
Student Teaching
Teaching English
Practicum Experiences
Where to Start?
Study Abroad Services
Memorial Union 116
Academic Planning
Check with your Department:
When is a good time to go?
Do you need to take classes for your major?
Can you fulfill internships or student teaching requirements?
It's never too early to start planning!
It takes AT LEAST a semester to make arrangements.
Many spring break faculty-led programs are open to freshmen.
NDSU Study Abroad
NDSU Students in Europe
Is study abroad worth it?
NDSU Accounting Graduate, Adam Bergman, interviewed 10 times and at least 7 touched on his study abroad experience.

He took a job with a firm that has affiliates in 120 different countries.
Why go Abroad?

Options Exist for ANY major
Most classes are taught in English
General Ed Requirements
Courses abroad can be approved to fulfill major, minor and general education requirements
Taking part in an exchange, direct or affiliate program will automatically satisfy the general education requirements for
cultural diversity
global perspectives
Global Business Major
secondary major that combines global business courses with language training and an in-depth study abroad experience to qualify students for management positions in diverse, multicultural and international environments.
Peer Mentors available
Monday-Friday at 9AM-5PM

InfoSessions at 4PM Mon-Thurs
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