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No description

azzurra fazio

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of GreeNEP

GES experience and history in I*ESN
Siena Erasmus Group estabilished in 1989 ESN section since 1992
ESN section founder of ESN Italy in 1994 hosting of AGM Siena 2004 and SEEP
Host of many NP in the last 10 years (last 2 in 2010 and 2011)
Host of CND Siena 2011
ESN section present in all the Regional Platforms every year (at least 2 a year as participant and WS or presentations holder)

Why Siena?
University of Siena is one of the oldest and leading publicly funded universities in Italy.
Siena city centre has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO,
it also lies in a territory that is unanimously considered a maximum
example of the ideal interaction between man and nature, with Siena’s
hills and countryside attracting millions of people every year not just for
its famous vineyards, but also for its wonderful landscapes
ESN Siena GES - ESN Tartu
Twin Section since AGM 2013

Sustainability Northern European Platform
Siena, Italy
November 2014

ESN Siena GES active presences at NEPs
NEP 2007 Trondheim
NEP 2008 Tartu
NEP 2009 Stockholm
NEP 2010 Turku
NEP 2012 Tallin

After the last Regional Platforms

WEP 2013 in Nancy (SWEP area) SEEP 2013 in Zagreb (CEP area)
GreeNEP Siena 2014
(SWEP and SEEP area...and happy to be NEP!)

with the partnership of
Greening USiena
Student environmental network partner of World
Student Environmental Network focused on ecology, biodiversity and sustainability, based a University of Siena, Italy and born in November 2012.
The group is composed of students and professors with
different backgrounds and works to address the most
pressing environmental and social issues of our time in
an interdisciplinary way, by combining scientific and
academic aspects with the importance of individual
Specific Goals
reducing the ecological footprint of college buildings
creating a healthy and lively cultural climate, as well as an informed student community
participating to World Student Environmental Network’s initiatives
promoting and organizing seminars, workshops and orientation courses
co-operating with University for the conception and management of common events and projects (whether at local, national or international level) in order for students to get involved in concrete and meaningful activities (both for their future and the future of the planet)

From 2013, we are working alongside University of Siena to spark the establishment of MED Solutions,
the UN SDSN Center for the Mediterranean Region
What is MED Solutions?
ESN Siena GES (Italy)
ESN Tartu (Estonia)
ESN Roma LUISS (Italy)
ESN Tilburg (The Netherlands)
ESN Cluj-Napoca (Rumenia)
Fee (70€ maximum) include:
Accomodation for 3 night in hotel** or UNI student house
Plenaries at University buildings and PHD Residence
5 meals at University Restaurant S.Agata (Sodexo Company)
Contrada party (live music) friday, Tea Room Party/Wine Bar Party saturday
Chianti Tour (visit of Chianti hills and landscape, wine tasting at Albola Castle, Tuscan original meal at Sira e Remino restaurant in S.Gusmè old town, SPArty at Hostsprings) sunday
Urban Trekking/City Tour with excursion at Siena
“Contradas” and Botanic garden (saturday)
Dr Wilmer Mostacciuolo
ESN Siena GES Vice President
Azzurra Fazio
ESN Siena GES Treasurer
Dr Giuseppe Giangrosso
ESN Siena GES Local Representative
Partners confirmed
Thanks for attention
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