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What was the hippie movement and how did it change society?

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Claire Thom

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of What was the hippie movement and how did it change society?

What was the hippie movement and how did it change society? By Claire Information report Narrative Book Review 1st journal entries welcome Any questions? Thanks for listening 1st step make frame Fine Arts hippie fashon 1960s 70s The youth movement Impact on society music CANADA US The United Kingdom many other countries Australia Cultural diversity Early Rock Psychedelic Rock Folk blues 2nd fine arts marijuana Drugs Novel did you know;
hippie used to be spelt hippy Origin of the word hippie Hip Hipster Flower children Woodstock festival at Woodstock people rolled in
the mud naked!? did you know? Aquarius Festival The Grateful dead The Beatles Jefferson Airplane Joan Baez Bob Dylan bands & solo singers other novelist Ken Kesey psychologist Timothy Leary poet Allen Ginsberg attitude its not just about
having long hair harmony with nature communal living anti-war protests artistic experemenation music recreational drugs enjoy the moment peace love 2nd step shred paper 3rd step
cover frame 4th step paint peace
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