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Medal of Honor Recipients

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lib hist

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor Recipients

David Bruce Bleak
He was shipped out to Korea in 1952, and shortly after, Bleak was promoted to Sergeant. His unit was assigned to a mountainous area near Minari-gol, along the 38th Parallel. Bleak served as a field medic, assisting troops on the front lines instead of in Mobile Army Surgical Hospital units.

As enemy soldiers attempted to continue up the hill he was on, he killed five chinese soilders, out of those five only four were killed using his hands; guarding wonuded and others from the attack.

Private Jacob Paroott
Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edwards Walker was the first and only female medal of honor recipient, acting as a feild surgeon during the civil war.

Aftr being kidnapped by enemy soildiers and being traded for a confederate officer, she was awarded the congressional medal of honor for meritiorious service.

Even when congress changed standaed for the medal to "actual combat with an enemy", she refused to give of her award, wearing it everyday till her death.
Private Jacod Paroott and Mary Edwards both participated in the Civil War.

Both Bleak and Rubin attended the Korean War.

Both Bleak and Walker were sergants during the civil war and helped the wounded.
Walker and Paroott were both captured by enemy troops.

Medal of Honor Recipients
by Kathy Matos & Brianna Auker
Medal Of Honor Recipients
He was a civil war
volunteer who took part in a daring raid with twenty one others-- together they were called "Andrews raiders"

After being captured and imprisoned by enemmy troops, in stead of scarficing information that could risk the lives of other troops, he suffered through being beaten roughly 110 times, to keep that information safe.

Eventually him & fourteen others managed to escape,though only six reached friendly lines.
Tibor Rubin
By July 1950, Private First Class Rubin found himself fighting in South Korea with I Company, Eighth Cavalry Regiment, First Cavalry Division. According to lengthy affidavits submitted by nearly a dozen men who served with Rubin in South and North Korea, he was an antisemitic army sergeant who was consistently "volunteered" Rubin for the most dangerous patrols and missions.

Faced with constant hunger, filth, and disease, most of the GIs simply gave up.
Almost every evening, Rubin would sneak out of the prison camp to steal food from the Chinese and North Korean supply depots, knowing that he would be shot if caught.

Also, during one mission, according to the testimonies of his comrades, Rubin secured a needed route of retreat for his rifle company by single-handedly defending a hill for 24 hours against waves of North Korean soldiers.
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