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Russian Revolution

No description

Brian Roberts

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of Russian Revolution

unprepared both militarily and tech. for total war
they had NO competent military leaders
Czar Nicholas II took charge of military matters
Russian industry was unable to produce weapons
Russian losses
- 1914 - 1916: 2 million killed; 4-6 million
wounded or captured
won over the confidence of Alexandra
their son had HEMOPHILIA
she believed Rasputin was the only one to help her son
he had tremendous influence over her and she began consulting him on political matters
the Russian people become more and more upset with the Czar
the regime knew it need to do something
1. Assassinated Rasputin in 1916
- shot three times, tied up, & thrown in the river
2. Working Class Women Revolted
- worked 12 hour days & stood in line for bread
- March of 1917 over 10,000 women marched on Petrograd
3. Nicholas order troops to fire on the crowds & they refused
- the duma met & called for Nicholas to step down
- this ended a 300 year old Romanov dynasty
Provisional Govt
decided to continue to fight to preserve honor
did not sit well with the people b/c they
wanted to end the war
challenge from the SOVIETS
- made up of soldiers and workers
- held socialist views
- the BOLSHEVIKS came to the front
known as a Marxist Party
led by V.I. Lenin
dedicated to a violent revolution
the only way to bring down the capitalist system
didn't come back to Russia until 1917
the Germans sent him back to Russia
gain control of soldiers/workers/peasants
promised an end to the war
redistriubtion of land to peasants
worker control of production
all power to the soviets
take power
by November of 1917 the Bolsheviks took
control of Winter Palace
Lenin was now in control
called themselves the Communists
now he had to make true on the promise of peace
signed a treaty in march with Germany giving up
Poland, Ukraine, Finland, and Baltic countries
Lenin said it was irrelevant b/c the socialist
revolution would spread
however Russia went into a Civil War
did they win?
organized the Red Army, made them disciplined,
& reinstated the draft
2. Disunity
diff. political groups began to break apart
could not agree on a common goal
3. Red Terror
secret police created the Red Terror
added fear b/c they were everywhere
4. Foreign Armies
stengthend the Communist appeal
by 1921 Communists had total control of Russia
(he drowned)
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