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Explain How Structured Elements of Poetry Relate to Form

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Stacie Garrett-Diaz

on 10 April 2017

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Transcript of Explain How Structured Elements of Poetry Relate to Form

Explain How
Structural Elements
of Poetry Relate
to Form

is a special type of literature.
Poetry comes from the writer's imagination, just as fiction does.
The difference between poetry and fiction is
what it is about.
The special thing about poetry is its structure and the way it uses language.
Poetry looks different from fiction and nonfiction.
Usually, it is written in
, not sentences.
The end of a line is not necessarily the end of the sentence.
The lines are arranged in
Sometimes each stanza ends with the same line. This is called a
Forms of Poetry

Some poems tell a story.
They have a setting, contain characters, and show a sequence of events, just as fiction does.
There is a problem to be solved.
Narrative poems may
even contain dialogue.
Lyric Poetry

Free Verse
Read the lines below
aloud to yourself.
You'll hear that all four lines have the same rhythm.
It has a pattern of an unaccented syllable followed by an accented syllable.
is a special way of repeating sounds at the end of words.
When two words rhyme, the stressed vowel sound and all the sounds after it sound the same.
For example,
rhyme because the both have
as a sound.
do not rhyme.
The songs you sing and hear are often forms of
lyric poetry
They express strong emotions toward love or friendship, for example.

In the distant past, this type of poem was sung to an instrument called a
The name of the instrument gives us the name of the form of poetry.
Some poems mainly express the poet's strong feelings and emotions about the subject.
They do not tell a story.
Lyric poems often contain figurative language and other words that create vivid impressions.
They are often short and
Free verse does not have a set rhythm or rhyme scheme.
Free verse often captures the sound and flow of speech.
Like other forms of poetry, it creates vivid word pictures.
Musical Quality
Poetry has a musical quality.
This musical quality helps the poet achieve his or her purpose.
For example, a narrative poem may have
a strong beat to create excitement and
move the reader through the story of
the poem.
A lyric poem may
have a musical
quality that
creates a sad
mood or a
joyous mood,
for example.
Rhythm Continued...
Rhythm is the beat of a poem.
It's the way it sounds.
This beat is created by a regular pattern of accented and unaccented syllables.
This pattern of rhythm is called meter.
For example, the pattern may be an unstressed syllable followed
by a stressed syllable.
It may be two
unstressed syllables
followed by
a stressed
Understand the TEKS
4.4(A) Explain how the structural elements of poetry relate to form.

Figure 19(D) Make inferences about text and use textual evidence to support understanding.

4.1 Read aloud grade-level stories with fluency and comprehension.

Words to Know
Free Verse
Lyric Poem
Narrative Poem
Narrative Poetry
Lyric Poetry
Free Verse Poetry
Humorous Poetry
4 Forms of Poetry
Poems can have different purposes.

The form of a poem depends
on its purpose
means "story."
Many people like to recite narrative poetry since the story appeals to the ear as well as to the minds.
When you listen to a song, you can usually hear that the music has a rhythm or beat.
Language has a rhythm too.
Rhythm is more important in poetry than in everyday speech.
Rhythm in poetry is often as important as rhythm in music.
I'm going out
To Smedleyville
And there I'll meet
My brother Will.
mean "
One kind of repetition is when the poet repeats a line or group of words in a poem.
When this line comes at the end of a stanza, it's called a
A refrain can also be a whole stanza that is repeated.
Then it's like the chorus in a song.
Another kind of
is alliteration.
is when a poet repeats the same sound at the beginning of a group of words to create a pleasing musical sound when you read a poem aloud.
For example, "
the sun sank softly over the sea
Comprehension Tip
Pay attention to punctuation marks at the end of lines.
A period at the end of a line says to
A comma between lines says to
If there is no punctuation mark between lines, let the lines flow together.
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