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Prom; Laurie Halse Anderson

No description

Camille Bebko

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Prom; Laurie Halse Anderson

Prom Laurie Halse Anderson The setting of my book is modern day , Philadelphia, high school, senior year, prom season. The high school that the story takes place in is Carceras. It is the worst school that you could possibly think of. A teacher was raped and students were stabbed... Setting The book is told in first person, the narrator speaks directly about herself
Some examples are "I, we, us, and so on" Point Of View Ashley talks about herself and uses imigary sometimes you know her every thought and you almost turn into her head, like you become Ashley Hannigan. Ashley Hannigan doesn't care about prom, or really anything for that matter. All that Ashley cares about is making up her countless detentions and graduating. Its senior year and almost time for prom, all the girls can talk about is how pretty their dress is and what color limo to rent. Ashley's best friend is the worst one of them all, Nat is the head of the prom committee or she wasn't until the math teacher who was in charge stole all of the money. All the girls were left with was the big pink notebook with all of the phone numbers of the caterers and DJ. On top of all of the stress of prom and graduating, Ashley's family is not only crazy but her mother is also pregnant..and she has two younger brothers who she shares a room with. Plot and Summary Plot Ashley's high school dropout boyfriend is trying to make amends with Ash and her family but its not working from not being there for when she needs him to disappearing for days at a time, but what Ash doesn't know is that is doing little jobs to save up for an apartment for the two of them. Main Characters Ashley Hannigan- is the protagonist of the story she is just trying to make it when her whole life is changed in one day.

Natalia (Nat)- Nat is Ashley's best friend and the head of the prom committee

Tj- Ashley's boyfriend, high school drop out

Mary Alice Hannigan- Ashley's prom crazy mom, who always seems to be pregnant

Mr. Gilroy- is the antagonist of the story, he is the vice principal, he is the one who isnt allowing Ashley to go to prom he is very strict and is always finds reasons to tell Ashley no Conflicts Man vs. Self
Ashley vs. herself
Ashley "hates" prom but then is put in charge and falls in love with prom and can't wait to go, just to find out that she cant go Man vs. Man
Ashley vs. Gilroy
after awhile Ashley's detentions caught up with her and now Gilroy wont let Ashley go to prom
Man vs. Society
When Miss Crane stole the money all of the people and companies that were helping for the prom backed out and Ashley and Nat had to find new people on no time notice Man Vs. Nature
Ashley's mother is pregnant and pretends to go into labor so Ashley can sneak into the prom
Man vs. Man
Ashley vs. Tj
Tj wont listen to Ashley when she talks about what she wants all he can think about is how happy he will be when this prom mess is over Themes One theme is love. one way love is portrayed is the love Ashley shows for her mother, father, brothers and epically Nat.
Ashley wanted nothing to do with the prom but when her best friend needed her Ash stepped up and took over Another theme is deficiency, Ashley defies the rules about her detentions and helps the prom committee anyways, another way deficiency is a theme is that Nat doesn't listen to Ashley when she tells Nat to take her heals off and Nat falls and breaks her leg right before prom and has to go in a cast Symbolism One form of symbolism is the pink notebook, the pink notebook holds all of the information of the prom, it hold the phone numbers, the pages full of lists of the things that Ashley and Nat still have to get, or do. When the notebook goes missing the whole committee turns to complete panic mode My opinion and recommendation In my opinion the book was very well written, but unfortunately it was very hard to get into at first but when you got into the book it was very easy to follow.

I would recommend this book to any vivid reader who is wanting to have a good book to read when they just want to pass the time, or to anyone who likes teen drama The End Camille Bebko
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