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The Hero And The Crown


janai,cody,malcolm group

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Hero And The Crown

-Born November 16,1952 -Has won 5 awards -Has 14 novels -Married to Peter Dickinson -Is a distinguished author of fantasy and children's book -Real name Jennifer Carolyn Robin McKinley Antagonist -Agsded -Is Aerin uncle -Murdered Aerin's Mother -Stole the hero's crown -Is a pupil of Goriolo -Caused Northerners to attack Damar -Awakens Maur -Causes Nyrlol to rebel Author Protagonist -Aerin -Kings daughter -Breaks tradition -Tricked by her cousin Galanna Plot The Hero And The Crown Robin McKinley Janai Cody Quiz How does Galanna change from Perlith's death? What is the plain Maur's Battle was fought called? Who is the main character ? What is Maur ? What is the proper name of "The Gift"? How is Agsded defeated ? -Dragonstone and Surka. -A dragon. -Kelar. -Aerin. -She stops being vain and causing trouble. -Maur's Plain. Malcolm The story is about a girl,with amazing powers. Who hears rumors about her mother being a witch. Then kills a dragon. Genre A Fantasy Novel Setting Theme Conflict Irony Epic Figurative Language Foreshadowing Characterization Imagery Fantasy MLA Citation Who is the author ? -Robin McKinley. The main conflict of The Hero and the Crown is the fact that the crown goes missing. The End Oh yeah, follow us on twitter tho ! @Aye_Janai @Lit_Ashiaaaa ♥'' @NVO_Nic @BluntsAnnRoses S/O to Cat The Hero and the Crown is set in the country of Damar and its Northern neighbor many years ago. In this quasimedieval land, transportation is by foot or by horse, and magic is common, especially among healers. A special Gift for a kind of magic is common in the royal family. Although Aerin eventually becomes her country's best-loved hero, her early life is difficult and solitary. The book is also about prejudice. The people of Damar are suspicious of Aerin because of her Northern blood. Aerin herself recoils as she leams from Luthe that a common Northern ancestor is responsible for the Gift that marks the royal family. Aerin learns finally to accept herself and her own unique talents. While Aerin's strange destiny leads her through perilous adventures, her loyalty plays a strong part in their successful outcome. Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting. Aerin: tall orange-haried and a little clumsy,but after her encounter with Maur her hair darkens Luthe: not quiet mortal has the ability to do magic Tor: the is Aerin's only friend, honorable and kind Galanna: beautiful,small and the complete opposite of Aerin Mckinlely .The Hero and the Crown.New York,New York: Burkly Publishing Group,1984.Fantasy novel.
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