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Mobile Apps

What You Need to Know Before Jumping In

Kirk Saboda

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Apps

What you need to know before jumping in... Mobile Apps Why Mobile Devices Technology SMART phones in the US;
321 Million subscriptions
81% of cell phones are smart phones
iPads & Tablets;
25 million
75% are iPad
Today’s business user expects
complete access
real-time updates
'whole life' integration
the only device people turn around for if they forget it
Printing savings Intimacy Individually focused & personal
Deeper engagement for attendees Information Control For every piece of information that you value
Who can see it?
When can they see it?
For how long?
Preventing loss? Ways to Mobilize your Meeting The different ways to engage your attendees at a mobile device level Deployed Mobile App An App that is installed onto a device
Local device data store
Allows push or query updates
Designed for device screen size
Robust offline function
Device contacts
Device location
Device communications Web Portal App Device Sourcing Rented Device Pre-configured
Ensure compliance
Improved engagement Personal Device Increases the duration of engagement
Promotion & Branding App Deployment iTunes & Google PLAY Publication timelines
Licensing requirements
Alternative deployment methods What App Options should I consider? Identifying the required and optional functions that make sense for your event Required functions Agenda
Facility Map
Document library Optional functions Surveys
Presenter bios
Audience response
Host city information & maps
Travel itinerary notices
Departure notices
Attendees bios
Exhibitor information
Sponsor information
Off site meeting information
Future event information It's limited only by your vision of how to best use the app Sponsorship & branding
Library of supporting information
Legislative initiatives
Trade journals
Case studies
Pre & post event followup
Team building events
Leaderboard & gaming events
Social media interfacing Trends for Event Apps MPI expects that attendee interaction mobile event apps usage will sky rocket in 2013. Sponsorship Improved attendee engagement
Improved perceived value to sponsor
Recurring connection to attendees
Improved duration of engagement Peer to Peer Engagement App based communication
one to one
one to many
Twitter & Facebook interface

Native integration
messaging Bringing twitter into the meeting space Large screen video display of twitter
Throughout the event
Located in foyer or exhibit area Large Screen Display Provide a moderated or un-moderated twitter feed What can you expect to pay for the service? Factors affecting cost number of unique licenses
duration of usage
number of events
number of updates
delivery timeline
extent of customizations
deployment method
mandatory requirements
branding requirements Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you all today Suggestions for an RFP Meeting Name
Number of attendees
Demographics of attendees
Identify required & optional functions
Expected roll out date
Method of delivery

What other Audio Visual needs do you have Dates
Agenda An app that displays relying on the devices web browser
Requires Internet
WiFi or 3g
Venue supplied bandwidth
Building considerations
Perceived downtime The dollars and sense of deploying a mobile app Enhanced Registration Experience Provide tiered registration pricing
by bundling the digital app at a premium charge and printed binder at a basic price
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