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No description

Jonny Hackett

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Education

By: Isabelle R. , Anna W. , Robert S. , Amari W. , Owen N. , & Jonny H.
needs of America
Education Supports American Society
Good jobs
Rules Education Impose
Forms opinions
Thinking Critically
Making Judgments
u suck

Solving Problems
Great Jobs in your future.
It leaves great memories
Education can help you with everything in your future.
Pros of the Current Institution of Education
Teaches rules that we can use in society
gives us future job opportunities
schools teach skills
Negatives of going to school.

teaches kids to think critically
helps us form opinions
Social Institution of Education
helps us meet people for later in life and make future friends
history of our country
the rules to follow in life
to be honest in everything
Meeting people
When kids go to school they can be peer pressured into doing drugs or trying new things they don't want to.
u suck
skills that help you for a future job
Kids can go home being snotty and talk back to their parents.
If kids pick up on this it could progress as they get older.
knowledge helps you succeed in life
there are many good jobs you could enjoy in life
and back all over again
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