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Organic Food Presentation !!!!!

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Masha Polezhay

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Organic Food Presentation !!!!!

Example for organic city! Did You Know Facts ! Vocabulary ! European Union Organic Organic Food Is Free Of Chemicals, and It's Better for Our Health ! Freiburg is a very environmentally friendly city. This city is located in Germany near with Switzerland and France. On some houses they have solar panels and you can see how much heat is taken from the sun. Also every Saturday people are coming out to wash their yard, so no one will fall down. In the middle of the city they have small rivers and there is a prophecy " If you fell down in one of these rivers you will get married to a German man". Also they have different boxes for glass, plastic, carton and waste from the kitchen. 1. When you eat lettuce, before you ate it can be sprayed 11 times, with pesticides.
2. To say that farmer is growing organic food he must not use chemicals for 4 years.
3. You cannot wash off chemicals from your food, because it became part of fruit/vegetable cell.
4.In one tea spoon of soil they have millions of bacteria.
5. It takes 500 years for nature to make 25mm of top soil.
6. Some people can get sick, because of not enough vitamin, mineral and protein. It can affect how children learn.
7. The evidence that scientists did, was that food with chemicals looks even different to normal food. Organic Food Since 1940 people started to use chemicals in farming. Start eating organic food, it is a very good start of having healthy life. For eating more fruits, vegetables, grains and good fats. The term "organic" means products are grown and processed without chemicals. Organic food is more expensive, because it is made without pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, or drugs. Organic farms are smaller than conventional farms. Most organic farms are too small to receive government subsidies. Also organic food is more expensive, because it requires more skills, time and work. European Union department regulates what products can have the organic label. If the food is made of only organic it can be labeled "100% Organic". If 95% organic ingredients it can be labeled " Organic". If it has 70% organic ingredients, it can be labeled "Made with Organic ingredients". 1.Chemical fertilizers -Man Made plant food that can damage the soil and wildlife. Bibliography ! Books:
-Eat Organic Grow Organic by Lone Morton
-Fish, meat, nuts and eggs by Trisha Sertori
-What is organic by [Epiepio TV]
-Brain POP-Organic Food
-Organic food available at http://www.helpguide.org/life/organic_foods_pesticides_gmo.htm
-Good health through eating foods. 2.Compost-Garden compost is made from kitchen waste. 3.Minerals-ground up rocks which are part of the soil.

4.Nutrients-any substance which feeds or nourishes plants and animals.

5.Pesticide- a chemical poison that kills pests.

6.Iron- minerak found in food and helps to carry oxygen.

7.Vitamin- healthy substances found in food 8.Protein- protein that comes from animals(meat). 9. Preservatives- Ingredients that are added to make them last longer. 10. Balance Diet - a mix of different foods that provides the right amount of nutrients to your body. 11. Herbicides-chemical weed-killers.
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