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Londen Tower Bridge

No description

Melissa Karagoz

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Londen Tower Bridge

Made by: Melissa History Other Information Photo's The location The tower bridge is in the city London
& in the country England. The length The length of the bridge 244 meters. The towers are 65 meters long. The space between the two towers are 61 meters The architect The architect was Horace Jones How much did it cost? It cost 1 184 000 pond The Tower bridge was build
in the year 1886 The first time it was used It was used for the first time
in the year 1894 Tower Bridge When was it build What is it used for It is used to cross a river the Theems. Before the bridge peopel used people have to span it with boats or they swim to the other side. Subway Under the tower bridge there's a tower subway only people can use it
They made it lift weight What makes it strong? In April 2008 it was announced that the bridge would undergo a 'facelift' costing £4 million, and taking four years to complete. The work entailed stripping off the existing paint down to bare metal and repainting in blue and white. Each section was enshrouded in scaffolding and plastic sheeting to prevent the old paint falling into the Thames and causing pollution. Starting in mid-2008, contractors worked on a quarter of the bridge at a time to minimise disruption, but some road closures were inevitable. It is intended that the completed work will stand for 25 years.[23] Facelift How is the weight distributed? The weight is distributed by two towers - People can walk from the north side of London to the south side.
-People can walk above or under it.
- Cars can drive over it

How does it benefit local people
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