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Nora Sakari in Malaysia

No description

Monica Vuong

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of Nora Sakari in Malaysia

LIFE Curriculum Thank you! Nora Holdings Sdn Bhn Nora Sakari in Malaysia Nora Holdings Sdn Bhn - Supplier of telecommunication services in Malaysia

- Founded in 1975 with a paid-up capital of RM2 million

- 30 subsidiaries

- 2 public-listed companies: Multiphone Bhd and Nora Telecommunications Bhd

-3,081 employees (513 managerial, 2568 non-managerial) Sakari Oy - Pulp and paper mill production company

- 1865 - founded in Finland

- 1975 – produced computers, consumer electronics, and cellular phones

- 1979, a joint venture between Sakari and Vantala for the production of mobile phones and mobile phone handsets

2001- Finland's largest publicly-traded industrial company Reasons for Joint Venture Sakari:
-internationally recognized company
- special technical knowledge and expertise
- the leading telecom company in Europe

- capability to penetrate South-East Asia markets
- experience working long term with the Japanese companies and culturally different negotiations
- experience with supplying and distributing
- had license from the UK to sell their products in South East Asia & 8 other markets - Specializing in cable-laying projects; manufacturing telephone handsets; installing, operating, and maintaining payphones

- Distributing Apple computers; radio-related equipment; supplying equipment to the broadcasting, civil aviation, postal and power authorities Finland HOFSTEDE Cultural Insights Business culture Finnish Business Culture and Customs Interesting Facts Malaysian Business Culture and Customs Interesting Facts - Differences in culture

- Differences in management styles

- Inability for both parties to reach a compromise on issues Issues: Recommendations Malaysia - Nora Finland - Sakari - Centralised
- Collectivistic
- Care for Each Other - Decentralised
- Individualistic
- Care for Yourself Recommendations Neither Nora or Sakari developed a cultural profile of
the reciprocal company, causing disconnects Utilisation of a third-party mediator to reach a fair solution Sakari was divided into two
"camps”; enter the South-East Asian market or European market? Malaysia
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