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Jacob S. Kounin

Classroom Management

Josh Nathan

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Jacob S. Kounin

Presented by Know who Jacob Kounin is and how his theories of classroom management were developed

Understand and be able to apply the “Ripple Effect”

Be able to define Kounin’s terms: with-it-ness, overlapping, momentum, smoothness, and group focus

Identify strengths and weaknesses of Kounin’s theory Objectives Classroom Management:
Jacob S. Kounin 1946 – Began work as an educational psychologist at Wayne State University in Michigan.

Pioneered research on relationship between a teacher's actions and students' behavior.

Collected data by video taping classrooms over 5 years and experimented on college, high school and elementary aged school classrooms.

Wrote the book Discipline and Group
Management in Classrooms (1977). The “Ripple Effect”

Keys to effective classroom management
good organization & planning
getting students highly involved
using proactive behavior

Teachers must maintain “good lesson movement” Development of Theory Biography 5 Parts of Kounin’s Theory Jamie Gordon Luke Nickols Geoffory Felver Josh Nathan Kayla Hudson How To Maintain Classroom Discipline Good And Bad Methods Training Educational Video Desist Clarity Firmness Dangle Flip-Flop Truncation Thrust Accountability Key Terminology Pros/Cons Jacob Kounin
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