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Fair Trade Chocolate

Raise your voice against child labour and slavery.

monika kashyap

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Fair Trade Chocolate

Fair Trade is a system which pays farmers a decent price
for their cocoa every year which helps them to buy food and clothes, go to the doctor and send their children to the school. Fair Trade Think and share.... How do you compare your own life with them?
How do they land up on cocoa fields?
Are they safe there? Why?
What can we do? Fair Trade supported children Options you have.. Pledge to buy fair trade chocolates which builds a future full of hope for thr farmers' families.
Write a letter to your favourite chocolate company or call and ask them to buy fair trade certified cocoa. Activity Put the cocoa beans on the countries of Africa and Latin America where it is grown, on the world map.
(material required- fake cocoa beans, world map)
Prompt-map with the countries where cocoa is produced.
Groupings- 5 students in each group. Raise your voice against child labour and slavery
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