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Fashion's Muse: The Body

No description

susan mucino

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Fashion's Muse: The Body

Fashion's Muse: By: Susan Muciño Fashion Photography Is Fashion Art?? The Body Visual Culture An evolution of style... Illustration -"The Clothing of a woman is a pleasure for the eye that can not be judged inferior to other arts." This paper explores the objective between the use of the human body, and its relationship with design, and space found in Fashion photography particularly found in from 1979 and on. Vogue Thesis- Vogue First edition published in 1982 1989 1996 2004 Arthur B. Turnure, a Princetonian trendsetter hoping to create a New York social publication. Ronald Barthes in Camera Lucida, Photography Categories- Imperial- Professionals Rhetoric- scenery, portraits, & nudity Aesthetic- realism and pictorial 1st nude in by Edward Steichen in 1934. Vogue 70s Controversy- Most photographers male and models were female. The objectification of women changed the course of Fashion photography. 80s- The muse now had a name- Vogue, emphasized the use of super models, actresses and celebrities. The Body is not just a display for fashion designs. It plays the role of costume in theatrics & helps narrate a story, sell a lifestyle, and aids the viewer in identifying themselves with the image. Nudity in Fashion Photography influenced Designers. -Revealing necklines, slits in skirts, and use of sheer, and lightweight satin or jersey which could easily cling to the body. Some of the most recognized photographers have participated in publications over the decades. Vogue's Richard Avedon
Edward Steichen
Cecil Beaton
Man Ray
Steven Meisel
Annie Leibovitz Space relationship A picture tells a story... Gender
Fantasy The viewer knows it is staged yet, we partake in taking ourselves into that reality. Any image can be controversial as many subjects lie within it- In conclusion, Fashion photography is meant to provoke the viewer's reaction just like any other art. THE END. & Many more...
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