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Copy of Chronology

Chronology of Luoyang, China during the Han Dynasty.

Emilia Bayet

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Chronology

What is an Aborigine ? First people Ancestor Native Aboriginals rights in Australia Introduction Introduction + for the australian government 400 aborigines different groups JAMES COOK take possession of the two-third of Australia 1788 65 000 - 50 000 BC Effects of colonisation 1792 Van Diemen ground (Tasmania) : Britain colony BLACK WAR 1910 to 1970 Aboriginal flat's creation & first aboriginal senator Acts from 1966 to 1991 1982: Mabo's trial Australia counts up 470.000 aboriginals, for 22 millions of inhabitants. A lot of aboriginals still living on the fringe of the Australian’s society Australian’s life expectancy is 17 years up than aboriginals 25% of prisoner in Australia are aboriginal Average income of aboriginals is 40% less than white Australians 1945: Importance of the WWII Politic of assimilation Commonwealth Politic of assimilation is criticized Referendum Apparition of the self determination politic In 1966, the “Aboriginal Land Trust Act 1966” was created, and concern South Australia
In 1976, the ““Aboriginal Land Trust Act 1976” was created, and concern Northern Territory
In 1981, the “Pitjantjatjara Land Rights Act 1981” , South Australia
In 1983, the ““Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983” ( New South Wales).
In 1984, the ““Maralinga Tjarutja Land Rights Act 1984” (South Australia)
.In 1991, the ““Aboriginal Land Act 1991” (Queensland). Ended in 1992 For the first time, Australia was not considered anymore as a « terra nullius », but as a inhabited country, by aboriginals, before colonist’s arrival. Creation of Council for aboriginal reconciliation Creation of the Native Title Act Art in aboriginal culture Key element Always connected to a specific territory Once a political manifesto, today art might be reduced to an economic value Communities VS carpet baggers Most of abuses are orchestrated by those called in Australia, the “carpet baggers” Today , aboriginal art is an economic issue. “Imagine that the Nazis had won the war and that 50 years later they launch a touristic market based on Jewish art. This is what we’re going through with the robbery of aboriginal art since a century”. Arrival of aborigines in Australia For the Australian government -Have aborigine ancestors

-Identify himself as aborigine

-Is admitted as it by his aborigine community Skin color is not a criterion 400 aborigines different groups unique name
different languages or dialects
pronunciation 1770 No respecting the orders of the king GEORGE 3 => Conclude a pact with aboriginal people "in reality they are more happy than us, the Europeans They live in tranquility, which is not troubled by inequality. The ground and sea give them all the necessary to live. They live in a favorable climate and they have no abundance" First Britain colons in Sydney Arthur Philipp : friendship and kindness relation Varied aboriginal reactions inevitably unfriendly natural resources
aboriginal territory European diseases Famines "Invasion" PEMULWUY kills the colon John Mcintyre emblematic figure of the aboriginal resistance 1810 LACHLAN MACQUARIE School Town Farm But punish hostility... 1803 1834 Pinjarra battle "invasion"
"massacre" 1838 Myall Creek massacre First time colons was condemned 1928 Coninston massacre aborigines blamed for murder Last massacre Stolen Generations WORLD WAR II 1962 1963 1967 1971 1972 1991 1993 2008 Prime-minister forgive for stolen generations
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