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Dylan Loehnert

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Social organization

The Aztecs and Maya's both grew corn,beans,squash. But the Olmecs were very good fishers.
Both the Olmecs and Maya's have ball courts and play with a rubber ball. The Aztec's don't. Also the Maya's and Aztec's hunt.
The Maya's,Aztec's and Olmec's are all very different in math/science. All of them studies stars. Also they all have calenders.
All of them wrote. Also they all have calenders. But the Aztecs didn't write in glyphs and the Olmec's and Maya's did.
They all traded goods. They all traded at markets. But not all of them traded the same goods. Some of them only traded food.
All of them sculpted. Also they had sculptures. But some of them had masks. Even some carved in different ways.
The Maya's and Aztec's sacrificed humans if they did not get enough of something. Also they all had gods. They all had temples.
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