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Feminism in Casino Royale

No description

Ami Dave

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Feminism in Casino Royale

These women are not treated with respect
Feminism in Casino Royale
What is the Feminist Theory?
Believes that Gender is central to life and literature. In other words, working towards equality for both women and men.
Examines the way females are represented. For example; their role in society and their treatment by male characters.
Feminism is seen throughout the film but overall male dominance is still more common in this movie. It may not seem obvious but there are important scenes throughout the movie that reveal feminism. For example, when Vesper saves James from cardiac arrest.

Male centered
Women are inferior to men
Fathers or father-figures hold authority over women and children
Patriarchy in Casino Royale
By: Ami, Sahil, Rayden and Austin
In Casino Royale, women are seen as inferior to men and when looking at this through a feminist lens, it exaggerates the fact that women are indeed looked upon as the lower class, however some aspects of the characters go against the norm of a gender's role.
Stereotypes: generalized beliefs about a certain group of people. (eg. sex, religion, culture, nationality, etc.)
In Casino Royal, there are many gender stereotypes that are evident in the male and female characters.
According to society's stereotypes, women are seen as the weaker and emotional gender, whereas the males are stronger and show less emotion.
Bond is easily able to get over the fact that he killed someone however, Vesper is very emotional and scared.
Women are also seen as weak and helpless, and in need of a man to help them feel protected.
Does not fall for Bond's charm
James Bond, being the action hero, is seen as a strong, powerful and controlling man.
At this scene, weakness is seen in Bond as the love of his life is dead.
Belonging to a lower or inferior class or rank; under the authority or control of another
Evident in the relationship between Solange and Bond
Bond seduces her
Causes her to cheat on her husband
Gets answers and leaves
Discrimination against gender
Gender inequity is evident since Solange and Valenka are over-sexualized by being dressed in tight and revealing clothing
Bond's character is very masculine
Charms women
However, he is still seen as a hero, while the women are treated like objects
Sexualized in certain scenes
to relegate to an unimportant or powerless position within a society or group
Male Chauvinist
male who's behaviour and attitude towards women indicate a belief that they are innately inferior to men
Bond tells Vesper to go down the stairs since males are known to fight all the battles
Vesper Lynd is portrayed as the fragile female character. Whereas James Bond is portrayed as the
masculine figure.

When examined under a feminist lens, we can see the masculine figure as a strong, safe and reassurring comfort for the fragile feminine, who is inferior to him.
Near the end of this scene, Vesper's face is shot in a CLOSE-UP
Gender Roles
GENDER ROLES: a set of societal norms dictating what types of behaviors are generally considered acceptable, appropriate, or desirable for a person based on their actual or perceived sex or sexuality.
This is used to concentrate on the face and magnify the emotions of the character.
We will look at the female's going against the grain of gender roles in Casino Royale through Vesper Lynd and M.
Vesper Lynd
A CLOSE-UP is also used to give the viewers some insight into Bond's feelings.
A HIGH ANGLE is used in this shot
Since the camera is looking down on Solange, it makes her look powerless and weak.
LONG SHOTS are used for these scenes.
Used to exaggerate the bodies of the characters since a long shot incorporates the entire body
"I'm the money" - Vesper presents her dominance as a female character by saying this to Bond as a greeting

Vesper sees right through Bond's attempts to charm her

she is wearing a buisness suit and is fairly clothed in comparison to the other women in the beginning of the movie

in the literary theory, a 'good girl' is described as " modest, unassuming, self-‑sacrificing, and nurturing. She has no needs of her own, for she is completely satisfied by serving her family..." however Vesper is dominate but does not serve to anyone.

The first form of respect toward women is seen
through James Bond's boss M.

While Bond uses his charm to get answers fro other women, he is well aware that he cannot use charm on M as he has a level of respect for her.

M is where we see a level of respect
from Bond that is not seen anywhere else, and it
is extremely evident that he will not disrespect
her especially when he calls her ma'am.

Bond calls her ma'am, but it sounds like mom because although she isn't a mother figure he still has a form of respect to her like he would to his mother

the camera angles of M are different from Valenka and Solange, the camera angles that show M are often zoomed in on her face instead of her body.
Vesper Lynd was kidnapped by Le Chiffre's thugs
James Bond felt powerless in this moment as he did not know what to do or how he could save her
Going Against the Grain
Viewing this through a feminist lense, women are often looked upon as the weaker and inferior gender
The roles were switched and Bond, the man who is always thought of to be big and tough, was put into situations in which he felt helpless
Bond did not know what to do or how he could possibly save Vesper
James Bond was yet again put into a situation in which he felt inferior and powerless
He was unable to save the love of his life and because of his inability, she died
Vesper saves James from a cardiac arrest which proves that males aren't always stronger and smarter than women. She saved Jame's life rather than James always being a hero and saving himself.
A system of society or government ruled by a woman or women

The state of being an older, powerful woman in a family or group
M Puts Bond in his place, when she discovers he is in her apartment unannounced
in the first clip, Bond demands that Vesper dresses a certain way to make him look good
already shows he is superior to her as he is telling her how to dress
in the second clip, Vesper walks all the way down to the poker table right to Bond to be a distraction
Bond is using her to distract the other poker players and is making her do things for his advantage
The car chase was taken through an extreme long shot length to exaggerate the scene of Bond's car flipping over rolling down the hill

When Bond cannot open the lock to the cage, the view is a close up to show the true effects on him and how he is emotionally affected

The up close angle on Bond's face shows how important Vesper is to him
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