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Culminating Assignment

No description

Amy L

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Culminating Assignment

What is it?
What are the effects?
Simulated Experience
Lessons Learned
Connections to Reality
Students will learn from their mistakes instead of hiding from them
They will learn how to manage money
Know how to speak up, if you are experiencing difficulty
You don't always get what you want, you live with what you have
How Civic Mirror helped us understand law, government and society
Laws are created to govern the country
They help prevent citizens from committing any crimes and if necessary they will face consequences
Sometimes laws can be manipulated by the use of the fine print
The government voices their concerns about public issues and help solve problems
The government and the house of commons are in charge of decision making
Some of the citizens of the Island may find laws unreasonable
Not everyone gets what they want
Citizens with a higher status can achieve more in the game, while citizens with a lower status cannot
Citizens are determined to own any type of property
During the bidding, a lot of citizens participated and the people who did not make a purchase struggled in the game

ote for a party which shares similar
beliefs, values and ideas

Laws should be taken seriously

Lend a helping hand

Be an informed citizen

How has this changed our attitude about our future as an active and responsible citizen?
Teaches citizens the difficulties of living in a community
Citizens are encouraged to claim their rights, protest and etc
The actions people take as citizens will depend on their values and beliefs
The government and other parties will try to manipulate society to give into their proposals therefore, the needs of the citizens will not always be met
Citizens of Kanazikstan took advantage of the use of rivers for their own benefit
The environmental quality hit rock bottom and resulted to many deaths and food loss
(ex. 2 river hexes = 1 death & food loss per farm =3)
Over industrialization was the cause of this crisis

The island of Kanazikstan is composed of a poor majority
Higher prices on basic needs poses a problem, because the citizens of Kanazikstan will not be able to afford the necessities of life
Impoverished were not able to buy land therefore it resulted in death and no income
Poverty was one of the main issues in civic mirror
It is difficult to have access to education and it is not affordable

Citizens cannot buy health care because it is too expensive

Children work at very young ages to support their family

Throughout the course of this simulation, the citizens of Kanazikstan went into desperate measures and stole money, possessions and etc
Unoccupied computers were at risk because someone could easily go on their account

People will vote for a leader based on popularity, not how they will benefit the citizens. We need to vote for a good government because without them there will be no laws, discipline and it will result to chaos.

Rules and Regulations
It is important to go accordingly to rules and regulations

Help others
It is in human nature to be greedy or selfish but, helping others provides us with satisfaction .

Be an active citizen
To bring attention to and correct bad decisions.
Was it resolved?
Civic Mirror Experience V.S Real World Issue
An individual who is born into poverty
They will stay poor throughout their whole life and it is likely they will pass it on the next generation
One of the issues that is to blame is inequality.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
Lack of education is one of the causes of this problem.
Education gives a person a future and a role in society
In many countries children do not have choice to go to school
Poverty is living in situations where you are unable to earn enough income to keep up with the current cost of living.
People living in poverty find it hard to dig themselves out.
They cannot afford essential needs such as food, shelter, health care and security
Family instability
Lack of education
Poverty in Civic Mirror
Poverty in general
Education is easy to access and affordable

Health care is cheap

To make a living you need to invest
Cannot provide themselves shelter

They don't have the money to buy entertainment
Nothing was done therefore, as a result poverty become a never ending cycle
Leaders disregard the impoverished because they will not benefit the country
The Civic Mirror: Connections to Our Society
Lower taxes
Food drives
Improve education
Homeless shelters
As taxes continue to increase the people who are in poverty will also increase
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