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Data Management

No description

tommy lang

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Data Management

* Food Production Index

*World Land Area *World population * World GDP

* External Debt Factors Affected by
World Earthquakes By Tommy Lang & Chang Liu Two Variable Analysis Agricultural &Land Factor Demographic Factor Economic factor Land Area World GDP One Variable Analysis r=0.5266 r=0.3451 r=0.9235 r=0.5169 Further Questions Does the number of earthquakes associate closely with our everyday life ? Agenda Introduction One, Two Variable
Analysis Conclusion 1 2 3 4 5 5 6 7 8 9 Further Questions Thesis Thesis &Hypothesis * To determine factors affected by the total number of the world earthquakes, which are economic, demographic, and agriculture & Land factors. Hypothesis * World GDP or the external debt can strongly affected by the total number of world earthquakes.

*The change in the world population can also be the results of the world earthquakes.

*Land area as well as the food production index can also be affected by the world earthquakes. * Economic factor:
Number of the World Earthquakes
Vs. The Sum of World GDP
* Demographic factor:
Number of the World Earthquakes
Vs. World Population
* Agriculture factor:
Number of the World Earthquakes
Vs. Food Production Index r=0.9441 Economic and agricultural factors can be affected
by the world earthquakes based on the research. Conclusion World Earth Quakes r=0.4689 r=0.90 r= -0.06897 External Debt World Population Food Production Index
Are there any other factors that are affected by number of earthquakes every year? Does the association of number of earthquakes and the factors differ in different countries? Questions
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