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Soccer Trickshot's

No description

Lisa Weaver

on 6 June 2018

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Transcript of Soccer Trickshot's

How he makes these shots
THese shots take lots of skill, and for some of them you need to be at particular angles. Also you need to hit the ball at a angle, and sometimes even twist, and or curve the ball. For the super far curve shot you need to kick the ball far and at the same time curve the ball. This is difficult and needs a hard kick.
In conclusion, trick shots are very cool and fun to do. We liked learning about soccer trick shots. Our favorite trick shot was the back flip trick shot. This shot is very cool, and takes lots of skill.
- In the video their is tons of different trick shots watch to see, their is mostly curve shots but there is also lots of footwork and cool tricks.
Marcos Alonso

One of the players that makes some of these shots, or similar shots is, Marcos Alonso. He makes some very impressive and amazing shots. He has 34 clean sheets, 14 goals, and 6 assists on his Premier league award. This year he's playing for Chelsea.
What a trick shot is.....

Here are some cool, and hard trick shots.

Soccer Trick shots
A soccer trick shot is when
a soccer player kicks the ball and makes a good, and hard shot.
Some of the advanced trick shots
- The super far goalie shot
- The epic curve shot

- The juke shot

- The back flip shot

- The head in shot

- The far curve shot

- And the dance move shot

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