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Romeo's Tragic Flaws

No description

sanket kas

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Romeo's Tragic Flaws

Romeo's Tragic Flaws
Romeo made some mistakes.His mistakes affected his life and Juliet's. Romeo and Juliet rushed into marriage, but are ill-fated, and eventually die. We are going to present that, what were some mistakes Romeo did and how did it happened.
He fell in love with Juliet too hastily after he was not accepted by Rosaline.

He never knew who Juliet really was besides that she was a Capulet.

He really only fell in love with Juliet’s beauty, which is love at first sight.

Keeping It Secret
He never took his friends opinion about Juliet.

He didn’t tell his parents about Juliet, because she was a Capulet and thought they would disapprove because of their rivalries between Capulet and Montague .

He should have talked to his parents and Juliet’s parents about the marriage

He should have left Tybalt to get his punishment, rather than killing him.

He was blinded by hate since Tybalt killed Mercutio.

He should have accepted Tybalt as his brother-in-law and let him live.
Quick Decisions
Romeo was too hasty to get married to Juliet.

He should have waited before drinking the poison and killing himself.

He should have talked to Frair about reuniting with Juliet.

Romeo was a teenager, a teenager much too immature to handle the relationship that he had become a part of.

He was far too immature to be a part of a serious relationship.

No amount of loving Juliet would ever change the fact that he was simply too young to handle a relationship as serious as the one he and Juliet shared.

Made By

Marrying Juliet
Killing Tybalt
Being Teen
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