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No description

eusebio gonzalez

on 17 May 2018

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Transcript of Tagerine

One choices that affect Paul is that Erik killed luis Cruz it affected Paul because Luis was the only one that understand him.rith aher the dathe of Luis Paul gane more coruge he remaber the words he said."I took step for ward.Now I could see swelling around Arthur's eyes. I said, "I've arready been in the right place at the wrong time, you low life creeps.you pathetic losers".Paul now has caurg and not afired of Arthur and Erik.
Tangerine is a book about a kid named Paul Fisher and his family. His mom gave him an IEP and he didn't want it. His dad doesn't care about him and he only cares about the "Erik football fisher dream". His brother Erik always bullied Paul every day. In the book Erik did something so wrong that he will regret doing. Paul is a nice kid but, when a sinkhole swallows his old school, he asks his mom if he can go to Tangerine Middle. He meets new friends; some pass away and some live. His parents are hiding something from him and hope you find out.
Choices one
Choice 2
A nather choice that affects Paul is was Erik that mast up his eye vishin whith sprey pant to his eye. When Erik was explaing to Paul that Vister hat geting in o trouble so Erik grope Paul two hands than visten comeing than spa his eye." He was holding a can of spraly paint .Than I felt Erik grab me from behind, easliy pinning both of my arms with just oneof his, I could hear my voice crying ,I didn't tall! I didn't tall! And I rember Erik fingeres sprayed white paint into them." PAul now konws the truth about his eye so he is mad and sad that mom and dad didn't tolled him in the first place. His parthe only didn't tolled him because his parnt don't want PAul not lick Erik.
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