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2. SAT

No description

Prince Maki

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of 2. SAT

Support Admin Tool
Know and understand what is SAT.
Learn how to log in to SAT.
SAT Terminology.
Learn how to use the following functions within SAT:

Purchase Audit Tool
User Management Tool
Claim Code Search Tool
Code Generation
Support Admin Tool or SAT
One of the tools used by McGraw-Hill Customer Experience Group to:
Verify or check the purchase made by
the customer.
Validate the customer's account status.
Check the license validity.
Validate the code.
Generate a new code.
Web URL: http://paris.mheducation.com/parisAdminTool/login.html
To log into SAT use your intranet username and password.

Once log in, you should see the screen below with
the following options.
Purchase Audit Tool
Purchase Audit tool is being used to verify or check the purchase made by the customer.
The Purchase Audit Tool allows you to locate customer purchase information based on a purchase through PARIS. You have the ability to search for the purchase information by the following criteria:
Purchase Audit Tool
Purchase Audit Tool
Once you have located the customer's order it will provide the information below.

Claim Code, ISBN, eCommerce ISBN, Title ,Date , and Status of the order.

The purchase audit tool will only display orders that have been placed online from any Mcgraw-Hill website.

We can provide some of the information however for all order inquiries they should be directed to Customer Service.
User Management Tool
The User Management Tool gives you the ability to perform the following functions:
Reset the customer’s password
View User’s License
Used by product group to monitor and administer
user accounts and licenses.
is the term used to indicate a customers log in, usually the full email address.
When a customer registers for an online product whether by buying online or using a code, a license will be created for how long the license is valid for.
To purchase a product online.
International Standard Book Number
Purchase and Registration Integration System
User Management Tool
The ‘Select criteria:’ feature allows a user to find an account by the following:
Email address
Customer’s first name
Customer’s last name
Best practice is to search by email address
User Management Tool
"Search Result” gives you the ability to view the user’s profile by clicking on the following links:
Erights ID
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
User Management Tool
‘View User Profile” gives you the ability to perform the following functions:
-Reset the users password
-View the users license information
-Review the purchasing information

I for Instructor
S for Student
User Management Tool
The “Select Option” feature allows you to further refine your search by choosing the following search option type:
Best Practice is to select "Equals"
User Management Tool
'Reset Password’ gives you the ability to reset the user’s password.
You will be prompted to enter the password as well as confirm what you have entered.

1. You should not reset a password without the customers permission.
2. Passwords are case sensitive and must contain 8-20 characters including: 1 uppercase character, 1 lowercase character and 1 number(No spaces).
3. The password should only be provided via email and only be sent to the email address in the user profile.
User Management Tool
'View License’ gives you the ability to view the customer’s license information:
You can view the following information:

Product Name
Product ISBN
License Expiration Date
If it is a active license
Claim Code Search
The ‘Claim Code Search’ feature allows you to search for the user by entering a registration code.
Once you have enter the code and selected search the screen below will appear.
Claim Code Search
This will appear if the code has note been redeemed.
Claim Code Search
The username will display if the code has been redeemed.
This will display if the code is not in the system.
Code Generation
From the main SAT page, click on the Code Generation Tool option.
Code Generation
You will be prompted to enter the ISBN of the book you will need to generate the code for and you will need to click on Show Offer.
Code Generation
How to get the ISBN to generate a code.
Step 1: Go to the course URL that the Instructor provided them.
How to get the ISBN to generate a code.
Step 2: Right click on the image of the book.
Step 3: Click on View Image Info.
How to get the ISBN to generate a code.
Step 4: Get the ISBN under the location.
Try It!
Please get the ISBN for the following URL
You will get a drop down asking the duration of the code you would like to generate.
Code Generation
Fill out the information being required.
Items with asterisk are required information.
Code Generation
Click the drop drop down to select the reason why you are generating a code.
Code Generation
You can click on the "Reason Not Listed" link, if in case none of the existing options matches the reason why you are generating a code.
Type in the reason and click on Submit to generate a new code.
Code Generation
After clicking the "Submit" button, it will generate the "Code Generation History". This will show all of the CXG representative who generated a code for the specific textbook.
Code Generation
To get the registration code.
1. Click the "Download" link under the Download Codes portion.
2.It will show the screen below asking if you would like to "Save" or "Open" the file.
Try It!
Check if the following code was already registered.
Q & A
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