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Sharleen Gong

on 27 February 2014

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Shoe Powered Generator
Shoes made for walking and producing power
When the shoe moves, it generates a charge which is converted to electricity for charging batteries or powering small electronics
City that flips seasonal temperatures

Uses summers hot air to heat buildings throughout winter
Located in Swiss Universities Science City Campus

It will harness the natural summer heat and pump it underground to be stores
When the temperature starts dropping the warm air will be pushed back up into buildings where it will act as a heating system
Allow the university to manage energy while minimizing carbon emissions
Will be completed in approximately 2020
1. Thin layer of sand
2. Printer sprays sand with a magnesium-based glue to bind the sand to rock
3. Rock becomes built up layer by layer, eventually taking the shape of whatever object its destined to become
small generator in its sole
Green Economy

According to the UNEP

''one that results in improved human being and social equity, while significantly reducing enviromental risks and ecological scarcities''
Although economic growth and enviromental stewardship can be complementary to eachother, the idea of full employment while decreasing the use of resources may conflict
Companies that reduce their energy consumption will have an obvious advantage in the market due to low operational costs
They'll be able to free up their budget for other projects and investments
Increased Business Opportunities
Consumer Pressure
Companies failing to be environmentally conscious will face public pressure to change their mindset
Failing to do so could impact them as consumers will avoid them and go for companies with more sustainable models
AD and Investment
Impact overall sustainability of the organization and bring long term benefits
Allows company to align itself with how the world is changing
Some government agencies and commercial businesses mandate that only businesses that meet specific green standards can bid on their contracts
Conserve Money
Why Should Companies Go Green
Better Sustainability
Economic Benefits Of Green Technology
Offers same functionality as many traditional technology
Decreases spillovers because there will be a decrease in environmental pollution
Able to inject new economic growth because of the creation of new businesses and job
investing funds in a green economy will in the short run create jobs, dampen upward oil prices
more than 12,000 clean energy jobs today
the green industry opens several doors for aspiring entrepreneurs and creates many job opportunities
possible areas of expansion include organic agriculture, green building constructions and green energy
expected to attract new customers who will see the many advantages of using green technologies in their homes
Increase Home Values
installing solar panels increases your home value by 3.5% on average (usually cost of installation)
price varies from $20,000 to $40,000 depending on size, but installers also offer financial plans and lowers monthly electricity bill
86% of Canadians say that in buying a home they would choose one home over the other based on its energy efficiency, not taking in as much of the price
Energy Star LED bulbs
each year they reduce emissions equivalent to

pounds of greenhouse gas emissions
33 million
in energy costs
(slightly more expense than incandescent light bulbs but lasts 10-20 times longer)
Drawbacks Of Green Industry
Cost of implementation (installation, training, updating, tech support) (High start up costs)
Because green technology tends to be on the pricier , they are known as normal/superior goods
green energy technology facilities are expensive to build
green technology may create jobs, but it depends on how much money will be spent upfront to create them
Economic Efficiency
Realizing the most effective use of productive resources; producing a given level of output with the fewest possible resources and generating as little waste as possible
ability of company employees to adapt to change
ease of use and effectiveness
eg. a lot of people want solar installed in their homes but they can't afford the initial investment. (8000 to 15000)
Results of the new industry will produce 147.7 billion in output, 64.3 in labor income and 6.9 billion in indirect business taxes
Shifts In Supply Curve
Better technology lowers production costs in which businesses make more profit
Supply curve shifts to the right
Because of the increasing demand for green business offerings (clean energy+water), their money making potential is high which translates to more business opportunities
Because this is a relatively new industry, there will be little barriers to entry since there are few competitors
Creates entire buildings from solid rock
4 times faster than constructing a conventional building
Costs 1/3 to 1/2 the price of cement and creates little waste
Creates cyclical unemployment because of the decrease in the demand for resources
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