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Music Therapy: Through the years

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James Yeow

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Music Therapy: Through the years

1964(Journal of MT)
1975 (AMTA Aus)
1944 (MSU)
2007 (AMTS)
Music Therapy: Through the years
1950 - Born in the USA
The profession of music therapy begins

The birth of NAMT
Historic merger of NAMT & AAMT
1st World Congress in Music Therapy

400 participants from 20 countries
CBMT was founded to ensure competent practice

Passing board certification exam & maintaining the MT-BC credential is essential for practice in US
AAMT was formed

First approved course in New York University
1st music therapy practitioner in Malaysia - Shoba R.

1st music therapy Master's graduate in Msia - Cindy Lian
World Federation of Music Therapy, founded in Genoa, Italy
In UK, first course taught by Nordoff & Robbins
Music therapy is the use of sounds and music within an evolving relationship between patient/participant and therapist to support and encourage physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being (Bunt & Stige, 2014, p. 18)
What is Music Therapy?

3 Largest Schools

> Arizona State University
> University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
> Michigan State University

Best Master's programs
> Appalachian State U
> Colorado State U
> New York University
> University of the Pacific

Other top colleges (musictherapycolleges.com)
> Berklee College
> Western Illinois University
> University of Louisville
> Florida State University
> Temple University (doctoral too)
> Shenandoah University
> University of Kansas
> Wartburg College

Top online degree programs
> Colorado State U
> University of Kansas
> St. Mary of the Woods College

Other countries
> Mahidol University
> Sookmyung University
> Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
> New Zealand School of Music
> The University of Melbourne
> University of Roehampton
> Nordoff-Robbins City Univ. London
> Anglia Ruskin University
> University of West of England
> University of South Wales
> Guildhall School of Music & Drama
> Queen Margaret University

. Entices the senses
. Evokes emotions & feelings
. Elicits physiological & mental responses
. Energizes the mind & body
. Engages the learner
. Eases excruciating pain
. Exalts life, enhances life, & gives it meaning*

According to Peters (1987), MT
.must be prescribed
.involve some form of music
.directed or supervised by specially trained
music therapist
.received by a client
.have a definite therapeutic goal
Excellent justifications for the efficacy
of music as a therapeutic agent

* Storr, A. (1992). Music and the mind. New York: Ballantine Books (p. 188)

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