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The Hunger Games Plot Diagram

No description

Ben Poest

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of The Hunger Games Plot Diagram

The Characters and Setting
The Hunger Games
Plot Diagram

By Ben Poest
Main Protagonists: Katniss, Peeta
Main Antagonist: Snow
Side characters: Rue, Prim
Setting: Panem (Used to be North America), future, unknown year
POV(Point of view or perspective): 1st Person(I, We, Me, My, Ours)
Inciting Incident
Prim, Katniss' sister, is drawn for the Hunger Games, a horrifying fight to the death for children ages 12-18. Katniss selflessly volunteers for Prim and goes off to the Games.
Rising Action 1
Katniss arrives at the Capitol. Her Prep Team and Cinna get her ready for the Games. She gets injected with a tracking device and sent off to the arena in a Hovercraft.
Rising Action 2
Katniss arrives at the Hunger Games arena. She goes to the Cornucopia and tries to grab something, such as food or medicine. She then starts fighting. She finds shelter in a tree.
Rising Action 3
Katniss meets a new partner, Rue. They joined up because Rue reminded Katniss of Prim. Rue teaches Katniss a beautiful whistling tune that would soon become illegal in Panem.
Rising Action 4
Rue and Katniss decide to blow up the Career Tributes' stash of weapons and food and medicine. The Career Tributes are the tributes who have been trained to compete in the Games.
Katniss bravely decides to go on her own and let Rue guard their camp.
Rising Action 5
Katniss leaves the camp and goes to blow up the Career Tributes' stash. Once she does, she loses her hearing in one ear and sees Cato, a Career Tribute, strangle the person who was supposed to guard the stash.
Rising Action 6
Katniss sees who she calls "Foxface", a district five tribute, run by. She is too agile for Katniss to get her. Katniss sees a smoke signal from Rue back at the camp and rushes as fast as she can to get there and find out what is wrong.
Rising Action 7
Katniss goes back to the camp, only to find that Rue has been killed. Katniss gets her sweet revenge, although, sadly, she couldn't save Rue.
Rising Action 8
Katniss finds Peeta, and, thankfully, he's still alive. They team up to be district 12 tributes because they heard over the loudspeaker that 2 tributes from the same district can both win.
Spoiler Alert!
This Prezi may contain major plot elements. Do not watch if you haven't read the book or watched the movie!! (Unless you like spoilers)
Rising Action 9
Katniss and Peeta go back to the cornucopia and kill Cato and the remaining tributes. They then think they won, when a major game changer happens.
They say over the loudspeaker that apparently there can only be one victor, and what they said earlier was canceled. Katniss and Peeta decide to eat toxic berries, known as "Nightlock", and spit them out when they say that Katniss and Peeta have both won.
Falling Action 1
Katniss and Peeta go back to district 12 as the victors. They and their families now live in the Victors' Village, the part of the district where Victors live.
Falling Action 2
Katniss and Peeta are surprised to find out that they started a rebellion because people think of their poison-berry stunt as an act of defiance. Katniss and Peeta are now rebellion leaders and use the illegal tune that Rue taught Katniss earlier. Power to the people!
Katniss and Peeta have now become Victors and Rebels. More districts soon join the rebellion against the Capitol, eventually leading to all of them. President Snow is extremely angry about this. The plot moves on to "Catching Fire."
The End!
Thanks for watching!
Exposition: The part of the story that reveals the characters and setting, as well as the point of view
Inciting Incident: The part of the story that introduces the conflict, and sets up the path for the whole rest of the story and makes sure it even happens
Rising Action: The part of the story that takes up most of the plot, and leads up to the Climax
Glossary (Continued)
Climax: The turning point of the story. Usually changes the main protagonist in some way.
Falling Action: The part of the story leading down from the climax to the resolution.
Resolution: The part where the story either comes to a reasonable ending, leaves you hanging, or comes to a totally unreasonable ending.
Glossary (Continued)
Main Protagonist: The main character of the story.
Main Antagonist: The person the main character is mostly against or fighting.
Side Protagonists: The people that aren't mentioned as much as the main protagonist, but are with them. They are also called "supporting characters."
Side Antagonists: The people that are working for the Main Antagonist.
Neutral Characters: The people who are not on a side. Usually called "extras" or "minor characters"
But there's more...

Spoilers stink!
Nobody likes spoilers!
You can't spoil this book for me!
No Spoilers!
All spoilers shall be destroyed!
Good for you Katniss!
Aww... So touching!
Ka-blam! Take that Career Tributes!
That guy's mad!
Oh, so now you're not sad about Rue?
on, really?
At least they survived
Stay tuned for a Catching Fire plot diagram!
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