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No description

Stefani Butler

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Firefighter

Firefighter Job description:
A firefighter attends to any fire alarm or emergency as well as inform citizens of fire safety. They are able to operate firefighting equipment (hose, truck, ect). Are prepared to aid in times of devastation ( natural disaster ). As well as protecting and educating the community they are working in.
Training/ education:
In order to become a firefighter an individual must meet specific requirements. the personal requirements they must exceed or meet are; physical fitness, the ability to pass a medical exam, being equip to work under pressure, and have no fear of heights and or small spaces.
A firefighter has to undergo a training course and vigorous testing along with the above requirements.
Location requirements:
Firefighting is a very transitional job that can be done anywhere.
A firefighter does not need to meet any specific location requirements however must be willing to temporarily relocate in times of crisis when needed.
Other facts:
on average 78 percent of fire fighters make over 1000 dollars a week.
work in rotating shifts because the fire station is always open.
have daily drills.
Firefighters are often required to attend schools and various activities educating the public about fire safety.
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