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Teach People, Not Lessons II

No description

Sylvia Watts

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of Teach People, Not Lessons II

Teach People, Not Lessons II
Preach my Gospel, Chapter 3, Section 1
2 Nephi 31:3
Preach My Gospel
Chapter 10
"Each person of family you teach is unique. Even though you will not understand all of their interestes, achievements, needs, and concerns, you should seek to be sensitive to their circumstances."
"Regardless of needs or problems,
all people are best helped as they accept and live the gospel.
What do we learn about the following?
Already present
God is our loving Heavenly Father
We are God's children.
God loves us and will help us make right choices.
Through Jesus Christ, we can live with God again.
The Gospel Blesses Families
The gospel of Jesus Christ helps families develop stronger relationships.
Families are ordained of God; they are the most important social unit in time and eternity.
The family is the best place to teach, learn, and apply gospel principles.
The family can be a place of safety, peace, and joy.
Make a lesson plan based on your investigator
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