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No description

Hannah Van Luven

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of School

School classes friends sports clubs lockers drama homework cafeteria field trips teachers Homework is dumb. All students do not enjoy doing it because they don't want to go to school all day and then come home and do more school work... but you gotta do what you gotta do. In all high schools, no doubt, there is lots of drama between girls, guys, enemies and even best friends and it's just a part of high school. I personally hate drama and avoid it as much as possible. School would be nothing without teachers. If us students had no one to teach us and to keep us in line then we would not learn anything and we would have no education and we would go nowhere in life. Althought sometimes we dislike teachers at times... haha. I love sports! They are the best, I don't know what I would do without them. I play soccer in the summer, and I also ref it too to make some money. And I play volleyball at school, do track & field at the school and competitive cheerleading intown. The cafeteria is a good place to be... sometimes. It is usually busy though. So I usually just go down there and get my food and then come back up to the halls but I don't even eat down there often. The food there is delicious! I love field trips! They are so much fun, plus they are education... to an extent. But I feel that we should have them more often. Doesn't everyone? Lockers are pretty cool.. I'd say. I liked them a lot more at the beginning of the year and now they are kind of getting annoying, like having t get it open and keep it somewhat organized or else everything won't fit in. Classes are usually boring, except for gym class, or drama. Those were my two favourite although business isn't that far behind those two of course! This class is pretty fun... There are tons of clubs here at Sydenham High School and they are all very benefitial for everyone. For instance, if you don't like sports as much there are always other options like the mathletics, chess clubs etc. I have a lot of friends! Emelyn Fauvel and I are BFFLARFLWAC's. I also have met a lot of people this year at cheerleading. I love all of my friends :)
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