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Background for The Iliad

No description

Patricia Hinko

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Background for The Iliad

Background for The Iliad
Greek warrior and hero of the epic
Known for being invincible, except for his heel, due to being dipped in the River Styx as an infant
Due to this, he became one of the greatest Greek warriors
Despite being a hero, he has a fierce temper which causes him problems throughout the epic
Achilles/Agamemnon Feud
Agamemnon is the commander of the Greeks
Agamemnon has caused the Greeks to be punished with a plague by Apollo due to the fact that he took a girl, who is the daughter of one of Apollo's priests, as a war prize
To stop the plague, he must give the girl back
To make up for the fact that he has to give his war prize back, Agamemnon demands Achilles to give up his.
Achilles/Agamemnon Feud Cont.
Achilles becomes enraged at the idea of having to give up his prize and threatens to kill Agamemnon
Achilles eventually gives up his war prize but refuses to continue to help the Greeks fight
Due to refusing to fight, the Trojans, led by Hector, drive the Greeks back to their ships and appear to be winning the war.
Characters to Know
Achilles - mightiest Greek warrior
Patroclus - young Greek warrior; best friend of Achilles
Hector - leader and greatest warrior of the Trojan army
Priam - King of Troy and father of Hector
Athena - goddess of wisdom and battle strategy; favors Greeks
Apollo - god of healing and prophecy; favors the Trojans
Zeus - king of the gods; neutral party
This is also an epic. So it will be told in over the top language and use epic similes to make points.
The Iliad
The Iliad is a prelude to the Odyssey. It is about the ten year Trojan War.The war started when the most beautiful Greek woman, Helen, was taken away by Pairs, a Trojan.Two Greek kings lead the attack. The specific events in our textbook are from the last year of the war.
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