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Cities In Kansas

Topeka,Ks Olathe,Ks Overland Park,Ks Shawnee,Ks Wichita,Ks

Wendy Gonzalez

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Cities In Kansas

By: Wendy Gonzalez Cities In Kansas Olathe,Kansas Overland Park,Kansas Shawnee,Kansas Topeka Was Founded On December 5, 1854.
The Distance From Kansas City, Kansas To Topeka,Kansas Is 1 Hour & 5 Minutes.
The Population Of Topeka Is 128,188. He Is The Founder Of Overland Park Kansas -----> The Population Of Overland Park Is 12,907. The Distance From Kansas,City To Overland Park Is 20 Minutes. Did You Know That Shawnee Was Called 39th Best City To Live In The U.S In 2008. Shawnee Was Founded In 1885. The Very First Settler In Shawnee Was William G. Cutlers. This Was The First Settler ------> The Population Of Shawnee Is 63,219. The Distance From Kansas City,Kansas To Shawnee Is 16 Minutes. Topeka Lies On Rich Sand Where Indians Use To Lived For Many Years.

There Are Many Things To Do In Topeka Like Lets Say You Want To Go To A Zoo Then The Best Zoo You Could Go To Is "Topeka Zoological Park." If You Are Planning To Go Then Plan On Spending About $20-30.
There Is Also Blaisdell Family Aquatic Center Which Is A Cool Place To Go If You Really Like Swimming,Getting Wet,Etc. You Would Actually Spend About $20. Topeka Is The Fourth Largest City In Kansas. The Name "Topeka" Comes From A Kansas Tribal Name Meaning "A Good Place To Grow Potatoes."
Topeka Was Chosen To Be The Capitol Of Kansas In 1861. TOPEKA KANSAS! FACTS About Topeka! Blaisdell Family aquatic center
Topeka Zoological Park. Blaisdell Family Aquatic Center!! Topeka Zoological Park! It's Known That The First Settlers Were Two White Guys Name Joseph and Louis Papin In 1842 These Are The Guys That Were Known As The First Settlers. TOPEKA ZOOLOGICALPARK Some Of The Animals In Topeka Zoo! Blaisdell Family Aquatic Center Olathe Was Found In 1857.
Olathe Is Known As The Fifth Populous in The State Of Kansas.

Olathe Is Known As One Of The Oldest Community In Johnson County.
Olathe Became A Major Stop Along The Santa Fe Trail. -Olathe's Population Is 12,907.
-The Distance From Kansas City To Olathe Is 29 Minutes. FACTS ABOUT OLATHE! Overland Park Was Founded In 1905.
Overland Park Is Known As The Second Populous City In Kansas To Live In. Did You Know That William B. Strong Jr. Was Founder Of Overland Park,Kansas. Olathe Is Shawnee Indian Word For "Beautiful" Olathe Is One Of The Wealthiest County In The United States. In Olathe There Are
33 Elementary Schools
9 Middle Schools
4 Senior High Schools WICHITA,KANSAS Wichita Was Founded On July 21,1870.
Wichita Is Known As The 9th Best U.S Big City To Live In.
Wichita Is The Largest City In Kansas. WICHITA FACTS The Population Of Wichita Is 384,445.
The Distance From Kansas City To Wichita Is 3 Hours & 3 Minutes. Wichita's Size Is 139 Square Miles.
Wichita Is An Indian Tribe.Wichita's NickName Is "The Air Capital"
Wichita Was Found On July 21st 1870. PICTURES OF WICHITA ATTRACTIONS IN WICHITA Museum Of World Treasure Botanica PICTURES OF OLATHE
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