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the great natchez tornado

No description

Om Kc

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of the great natchez tornado

When and Where
The tornado hit at May 7, 1840 At exactly 1 A.M The tornado form southwest of a small town ,Natchez, and headed north along The Mississippi River for 20 miles.
Damage Done
After the tornado hit, the damage cost more that 1.26 million dollars which is 29.8 million dollars now!
The death toll was 318, 48 on land and 270 on the Mississippi river(people thought that it would be safe on the water but they were wrong)
The death toll is higher but back it 1840 slave death did not count. There were no red cross or donation stations so no one really helped the town after the tornado.
The death toll was bigger than the injured and that rarely happens in anything.
The stats for the tornado
When the storm hit there was no well made weather instruments.The weather service says it is a F6 and that was the only time it a tornado reached F6 which means it wind speed was 319-379 mps.(strong frame houses will be "lifted off foundations and carried considerable distances to disintegrate," missiles the size of automobiles will fly through "the air in excess of 100 meters," trees will be debarked and steel re-enforced concrete structures will be badly damaged.)
How did they prepare
there was no preparing for the tornado and when it arrived on Natchez door step no one know what to do. since it Natchez was close to the Mississippi most had boats and they tried to run to that and run but that was a bad idea. the tornado followed the river so they were in even more trouble on the boat.
The Great Natchez
Facts and lessons
how are tornadoes made?
Cold air and warm air mix together. The cold air goes down, while the warm air rises and forms a funnel.
Scientists are not clear if global warm effects tornado, it might make the tornado stronger or might also actually suppress them.
Tornadoes are stronger in water and mostly form in thunderstorms.
Tornadoes can form in every state in the US and in every season.
Every tornado has there own color and shape depending on the soil color,
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