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Internet Safety

No description

jamila yakubu

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Internet Safety

Internet Safety
The Do's and Don't s on the Internet
Your Personal Information
Don’t ever give out your personal information
When chatting online to people
When emailing someone you don't know
Don't tell someone your…
…Full name
...Phone Number

You can mention your age, and the country you are in

REMEMBER To tell a trusted adult if someone asks for your personal information
On a social networking account:
1. Never put address
2. Use a nickname
3. Never put phone number
4. Tell your real age

Social Networking
Cyber Bullying

Social networks should be used for entertainment purposes only:
- Do not talk to strangers.

-Check privacy settings consistently

-Do not write any negative or abusive comments

-Do not post any personal information

-Make sure your parents know which sites you are using

What is cyber bullying?
- When social media sites or other devices are used to harass, threaten, or humiliate someone else.
How to deal with cyber bullying?
-Keep evidence of cyber bullying

-Report them to a trusted adult

-Prevent any type of communication from the cyberbully

-Spend time doing things you enjoy
What is a good password?

Create a password that you
will remember which no none will guess

what is a bad password?

your name
your birthday
your pet name
Why do you need a good password?
- Safety
- Hackers will not be able to get into your account easily

Follow rules
stay on child friendly rooms
tell your parents
use nicknames
be polite
ask for permission
give out personal information
meet people you met online
mess with others computers
open an email from someone unknown
disable security settings
have fun!
Are you addicted to the internet?
how many times a week do
you spend your time playing
video games?
you lose track of time
have trouble completing homework
feeling very stressed and tired
Did you know? 42% of kids have been bullied in 2009
By: Jamila, Yarden, and Charlie
signs that you are addicted:
Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoyed this presentation!
Gaming Addictions
Is this YOU?
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