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Copy of Character Traits

Introduction to character traits

Heidi Sedinger

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Character Traits

What are Character Traits? They are the details of
a character's personality What are some examples
of character traits? HONEST Tireless Unselfish Selfish Cheerful Pretty Proud Unorganized some can be postive
some can be negative Why do I need to learn this? Learning about a character's personality can help you understand the story better Learning about a character's
personality can help you make
connections to the story. How do I identify character traits? Think about the following:
What does the character say and do?
What does the character think and feel?

These are usually 'right there' features You can also think about:
what the character looks like?
what other characters think about the character?
How does the character make you feel? Sometimes though, you have to
infer (read between the lines to identify
character traits... Shy happy Use a graphic organizer to help you Guided Practice Read a description from "A ManWho Had No
Eyes" and identify character traits for Mr. Parsons "Mr. Parsons emerged from his hotel ...And, thought he was very glad to be alive. A few years ago he had been little more than a skilled laborer; now he was successful, respected, admired...Insurance...And he had done it alone, unaided...And he was still young. He was a handsome figure with his immaculate grey suit..."

from "A Man With No Eyes" by Kantor, MacKinlay, Sightlines 10, Prentice Hall Canada: Toronto, 2000 What character traits does
Mr. Parson's have? Fill out your graphic organizer handsome successful persistent Character Traits are.... descriptive adjectives (words that describe a noun) ways to describe specific qualities of the character a method the author uses to let you know the character either directly, or indirectly (by telling us what a character does, or how others feel about him/her devious I can use the graphic organizer to identify
character traits of the main character in the novel
I am reading. Helps you predict what
a character might do next Helps you understand a character's relationship with other characters How might Mr. Parson's character traits help us understand the story?
Why is he glad to be alive?
How has his hard word paid off?
What lesson could we learn from Mr. Parsons? Independent Practice Now read this excerpt and identify a
character trait for Baboushka Once upon a time in a small village in Russia there was a woman called Baboushka. Baboushka was very house-proud. She had the tidiest house in the village and the most beautiful garden. She was always cooking and cleaning, scrubbing and sweeping, polishing, and painting. All the villagers were out in the square talking about a bright new star that had just appeared in the sky. Everyone was very excited about the star because it brought great news. But Baboushka didn't even notice the dazzling star - she was far too busy cleaning her house. What character traits does Baboushka have? Fill out your graphic organizer hard worker Character Traits
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