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Lean startups

the process of using the lean startup model

Sidnee Peck

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of Lean startups

All new business proposals are full of assumptions. What is the Lean Startup Concept? products or services that do not meet needs well...and thus do not make revenue projections So... Instead of working long hours on something no one wants, spend your time measuring what your market needs Often, entrepreneurs get caught up in building something to PERFECTION...afraid to show something "unfinished" to the market Start with identifying what assumptions you have made to this point.
Make a list of the most important and key things you need to learn. The most significant goal of a startup is finding a scalable and repeatable [sustainable] business model

-Ash Maurya Challenge: How do you begin? Remember Lean Startup Model Why does this help? Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Resulting in... Build only what is necessary to measure interest, then continue to build, measure and learn. and then products are created based on those assumptions Then: How can you learn what you need to learn? What measurements need to be taken?

What needs to be built to take those measurements?
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