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Job Application Process

To write an effective job application letter, resume, interview, and follow up successfully.

Jermayne Platero

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Job Application Process

Job Application Process
Detailed List
Outline of work history
Other Qualifications
You must have 3 assets when going to an interview; preparation, composure, and common sense.

Find everything you can about the position and the workplace. This will make you feel more confident and lead to a successful interview.
Before the interview make sure to get there on time. Get enough sleep, shower and eat breakfast. This will help you to have a clear your mind to have a full focus in the interview.
When your getting interview make sure to stand straight, shake the interviewer's hand, establish eye contact, speak in a calm clear voice,
Interviewer might begin by asking questions because they want to know how clearly you express yourself and how you perform under pressure. They might ask you hard question or common sense questions.

Dress appropriate
If your not sure what to wear approximately wear what you would if reporting for work. For example if your applying for a dress up job dress up. Also a good idea is dress just a step above the position your going for.
NEVER have nose and eyebrow rings, tongue studs, chains, hats, sweatpants, flip flops.

Your own personal appearance will influence whether you get hired.Common sense is a major factor in a interview used your head to put your best.
A good application letter, resume, interview and follow-up can give you a higher possibility of getting hired for a job.
Needs to neatly printed on 8 1/2 by 11" white paper.
No longer than one page.
Punctuation, grammar, name and address all should
be included.
Provides only a title (company's name)
Contact Info.
Career Objective
Work Experience
Military Service
Computer Literacy
Specialized Skills or Credentials
Honors and Awards
Community Activities
What is needed?
Carefully Evaluate Background
Identify Principal Strengths
Emphasize Those Attributes
write a letter or e-mail
Visually Attractive
Various Categories
Necessary Details
benefits to a follow-up
Derek Maynez
Jermayne Platero
Jorge Leon
Diana Luna

Do Not
No longer than one page.
No errors
Can not be juvenile
Can not be irresponsible
Provide someone without permission
Employers want to hire someone who's willing to do more then what's required.
Gets you a step ahead of other applicants

It's sent within a day or two after interview.
shows respect and further interest in the position
nothing to complex a brief note would work
Has the added benefit of allowing you to stick out from the crowd
Traditional Resume
Three Basic Styles
What to write?
Scannable Resume
Online resume
Word document, RTF or PDF file.
Quickly locate
To start with your greeting use examples such as "Dear Sir" or "Madam"or "Dear Employer".

Your direct opening paragraph should state your purpose, that you are applying for the job.

In the middle section, should be one to three paragraphs, provide a summary of your experience, educations, and other qualifications.

In your closing paragraph, which no longer than two or three sentences, should briefly thank the employer for considering yourself and the letter.
First paragraph
thanks the employer
mention job name
Last Paragraph
politely invite further contact
Middle paragraph
restates interest and availability
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