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alex daiz

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of RECYCLING WOOD

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
How is wood recycled?
In this paragraph you will how to recycle wood. Wood can be recycled in many ways. The wood logs can be chipped into small pieces. Another way to recycle wood is putting wood in a sawmill. Recycling wood is a physical change. It is a physical change because it changes it size but it did not form a new substance because it is still wood. It does not change state.You can turn waste timber into usable products. You can send wood to a local recycling centers.If you don't have a local center near you call your local waste management services. These are many ways to recycle wood.
What can recycled wood be made into?
Environmental Impact of recycling wood
Advantages and Disadvantages of recycling wood
Now it is time to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of recycling wood.Recycled wood can produce eco friendly furniture.It can save 18,000,000 BTU s of heat energy.You can turn wood in to other stuff as well. The nutrients from the forests will decrease. Needles and branches will be left to decay.You can save wood from going into a landfill. You can save timber from harvesting. This process does not use energy as to re-use timber uses energy
Topic 5
Topic 6

You will know what recycled wood can be made into this in this paragraph.Recycled wood can be
made into many. Wood
chips can be made into paper.
Wood can be made into wood
pulp. Wood is also a great
Source of fuel. Wood chips are used to make surfacing for
playgrounds. Wood can be made into benches. Wood is made into wooden furniture.Pencils are made from wood.
Now you know what recycled wood is made into.

You will learn the environmental impact of the process of recycling wood. Recycled wood Has chemicals in it.Chemicals in CCA is used to preserve wood. The homes of animals will decrease.Humans could possibly ingest CCA. You could get diagnosed with cancer. Lung and bladder cancer could happen about 15-20 years after expose to CCA. Children are mostly at risk because the mostly play on stuff made from CCA wood.
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