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Art Analysis

Art Analysis of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks

Tyra Bullock

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Art Analysis

Art Analysis of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks By: Tyra Bullock Representational ~ Realistic Styled ~ American Art ~ Oil Painting ~ Made In 1942 Location: Art Institute of Chicago Angled Corners August in the City Office at Night Perspective Helps Direct The Viewers Eyes Exterior View Can Be Seen Through 2 Panes Of Glass Office in a Small City Cape Cod Morning Emphasizes Right Side ~ Contains The Most Activity
Viewpoint Of Someone Passing By The Bar Center Drug Store Gas Summer Evening The Effects Of Light Reflection and Shadow Morning Sun Orange Pale/White -Yellow/Green Dark Blue-Green Red Brown Burgundy Light Blue Green Blue Chromatic Tonality Light and Shadow Primary Colors Tints And Shades Uses Brush Strokes to Show Subtle Movement in the Painting Made in 1942 : WWII Inspired By: 1930s Gangster Films Like Scarface and Little Caesar Artists Influenced By Hopper's Nighthawks "The Diner" By: George Segal "Puerto Rican Wedding" By: Roger Brown In the 1970s, art works inspired by Nighthawks became more obvious. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" By: Gottfried Helnwein "Greenwich Avenue" By: Mark Kostabi Popular Television Shows Imitating Nighthawks The Simpsons That 70s Show In the comic book Batman: Year One Commissioner Gordon appears in a diner, named HOPPER. Other Parodies End Focal Point Asymmetrical Creates Unity using Continuity and Containment A Restaurant On Greenwich Avenue Where Two Streets Meet Positive & Negative Space Content/Meaning/Message:
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