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6.08 Module Project

World History-Ms. Stone

Natalie Natareno

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of 6.08 Module Project

6.08 Module Project
The Arab Spring is an example
of modern revolution. People want their voices to be heard. In Egypt people went to the streets to solve an issues, hence a revolution was born. Due to Egypt standing up for what they believed was right, it caused other countries to want to take action as well. I think these things are important for a modern revolution: 1. People need to work together, if there isn't any harmony it won't work. 2. There has to be a goal the people want to reach. They just start something with no purpose. 3. They have to use everything to their advantage, to speak out, like billboards or media. 4. People have to express exactly what they are feeling, distress, anger sadness, etc. 5. Express what they want changed.
Like in the criteria, the Arabs spread their voices by using media and the united and fought. The more people the notice they got. I think the modern revolution meets the definition of revolution because they they united, they stated what they wanted and they got noticed and got change.
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