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Clase de Español (P. 4)

Kaylie Keck

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Gustar/Interesar/Aburrir

Kaylie Keck
Period 4
Mar. 15.2013 Gustar
Aburrir Vocabulario Gustar There are only two forms of gustar:
the singular and plural form. Me gusta el golf. Interesar VERBS TO USE Me - I, Yourself
Te - You
Le - He/She
Nos - We
Les - Them Gustar means to like, or to be pleasing to Interesar means interesting, or to interest Aburrir means boring, or to bore SINGULAR FORM
gustan Examples: Me gusta el golf.
I like golf. (or)
Golf is pleasing to me. You read
the sentence
backwards. Me gustan los deportes.
I like sports. (or)
Sports are pleasing to me. Me gusta el golf. el golf is the subject Me gusta el golf. gusta is the verb In this sentence, el golf is referring to the sport, so, it is a single noun. You use the noun "me" (pronouced like the month May) Me gustan los verduras. Me gustan los verduras. los verduras is the subject Me gustan los verduras. gustan is the verb In this sentence, los verduras is referring to all vegetables, so it is a plural noun. Aburrir Just like gustar, aburrir has two forms:
singular and plural.
Me aburre el fútbol.
Soccer bores me. Me aburren los cursos
de historia. History classes bore me. The same rules apply for
aburrir as they
do for gustar. This verb also has two forms.
interesan Examples:
Me interesa el arte.
Art interests me.
Le interesan los deportes. Same rules
apply for interesar
as they do
for aburrir & gustar. P R A C T I C E
Now, create
3-5 sentences
using the verbs
their correct nouns.
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