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Transportation and Freight Logistics

Comparisons between Logistical Cities in Bremerhaven, Germany and Houston, Texas USA

Fredrick Tavao

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Transportation and Freight Logistics

A Comparison & Closer look on two Logistical Cities Transportation and Freight Logistics Transportation & Freight Logistics Introduction and General Overview Road Infrastructure Port of Bremerhaven, Germany & Houston, Texas USA Joshua Bechara
Fredrick Tavao &
Chris Gilsenan Bremerhaven is located 500km northwest of Berlin & the Port of Houston lies along the Gulf of Mexico Port of Houston Authority (PHA) estimated to be the largest port in international waterborne tonnage Houston's air cargo is currently serviced by 3 major airports Bremerhaven's Rail network is highly dependent on freight cargo handling Railroad Infrastructure Bremerhaven Houston Road Infrastructure Bremenhaven v Houston Contains only one main arterial network [A27]
Connects the towns of Cuxhaven and Bremen
The A27 that connects the Port of Bremerhaven faces heavy congestion from the single arterial
Increased consumption in the region Houston possesses over eight major freeways
These connect major Texas cities and adjacent States
San Antonio
New Orleans Large Population which has lead to increased traffic congestion
Obsolete and damaged road infrastructure Houston possesses a rich and efficient air network that comprises of 3 major airports. George Bush International Airport [IAH] supports zero range and weight parameters that speeds up logistics processes Bremenhaven does not require an Internal airport IAH is constantly proactive in expanding the Infrastructure Solutions & Issues with the Air Network The newly built runway at IAH has received public backlash Implement re-routing of flights & scheduling to minimise the backlash. Bremenhaven maybe disadvantaged in not possessing an air network. Perishable goods is the major commodity; Obtaining an air network may decrease maximum time not stored at the port. Water Port Infrastructure Port of Houston Located 40km inland
The major commodity imported into the Port of Houston is Oil from the Gulf of Mexico Bremenhaven The fourth largest port in Europe
The container terminal encompasses multiple automobile terminals and a fruit terminal Water Port Infrastructure Issues & Solutions Erratic weather conditions in flooding & hurricanes
Navigation channel needs deepening (Dredging)
Support the upgrading of their ageing Bayport Terminal Water Port Infrastructure Issues & Solutions cont'd Fast-track plans for dredging as this are two of the busiest ports in each region
For Bremenhaven to continue to invest in sustainable energy and the logistics hub
The Impact on the Workforce Recommendations & Conclusions Minimise the impact of tradeoffs that both cities face.
Bremerhaven would benefit from an adjacent air facility to ease logjams in traffic
The Military airport [Ellington Field] should be suggested as a contigency plan for logistics activities
A second arterial network leading into Bremerhaven would encourage re-routing of traffic Air Carrier Infrastructure The Bremerhaven rail infrastructure is extensive and has been in existence since WWII.
The Bremerhaven port authority has a strong relationship with the rail network authority.
The Houston rail infrastructure has many limitations
Significant delays
Reliability Issues
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