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CPT English

Caitlin Niedo

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Holes

Discovering Friendship and Wealth.. SUMMARY: Take a look! http://www.ottawasun.com/2012/06/09/hill-boot-camp-sweats-misses-record Articles: A video of the brain behind the book Holes.
Talking about a book similar to Holes and the purpose of friendship and family values. A Word from Mr. Louis Sachar The front cover of the book. Treasure of Memories http://www.louissachar.co.uk/ Title: Holes
Author: Louis Sachar
The book was published on 1998. ABOUT THE BOOK~! * A boy named Stanley was sent to Boot Camp. His misfortune of being accused of stealing a celebrity’s pair of sneakers sentenced him to Camp Green Lake. -Hill boot camp sweats, misses record~! * This article is about Paul Plakas, an expert from the weight-loss television series called X-Weighted gave a fitness seminar at the Chateau Laurier hosted a huge gathering on the Hill for the Great Canadian Boot Camp Saturday before heading to the Hill for the hour-long boot camp. http://www.ottawasun.com/videos/news/world/1225519502001/apologize-for-stealing-my-bike/1788214447001 -Apologize for stealing my bike~! This article is about a man named Aqreman who apologized for stealing a fuji bike and have it sold online. Jake Guilem, the rightful owner saw the bike and bought it. Not knowing that it was his all along. Being video taped, Jake wanted Aqreman to apologize on camera. The Author of the book. The book was so stunning
that they had to make it a
movie. An art work of the image of
Zero and Stanley together. Gives the viewer the imagery of the two boys. The diggers ! A group picture of the gang at camp
Green Lake. Pictures
Collection that
gives Holes
its meaning. HOLES By: Louis Sachar 'When I graduated 1n 1976 I decided to try to write a children's book, which eventually became Sideways Stories From Wayside School. All the kids at Wayside School were based on the kids I knew at Hillside. " http://www.louissachar.com/Bio.htm * Stanley and his friends soon discovered that they were punished to dig holes in the hot, dry place in Texas. He learned that they were not to dig to make time for what they've done, but they are used to find the buried treasure of the legendary Kissin’ Kate Barlow, a love History that happened in the exalt place a long time ago. * During his stay, he found Hector(Zero) that soon became his loyal friend. He taught him how to read and in return, Hector helped him dig holes. This made the other boys envy them and tease them about it that It made them to fights. * The climax of the book is when Mr. Pedanski, the counselor, hurt Zero with his deceitful words and harsh comment about his personal life. With his anger, he forcefully hit Mr. Pedanski's face and ran out into the wilderness. * Stanley then got worried about Zero and followed him. They walked in the blazing hot son until they were dehydrate and could not go on. Zero found a jam liked jelly and tempted to eat it. Zero became Sick and then Stanley had to carry him. Remembering the family story of his great grandfather being robbed by Barlow and surviving in the desert by climbing “God’s thumb”, a mountain seen on the far horizon, Stanley decided to hike toward it in the hopes of finding water. * Stanley and Zero found water. A vision was brought to Stanley about the lost treasure. He soon decided to dig for it. His attempt him to knowing the actually story of Kate Borrows led him to finding a suit case that belongs to his family. contained Barlow’s jewels and financial documents that were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ms. Morengo took care of legalities, after which Stanley and Zero became rich inheritors * In the end, all the boys were brought home and back to their family. Stanley broke his family’s string of misfortunes, while Zero, with his share, was able to find his long lost mother. Through them, the “curse” was lifted, and Kate Barlow’s death was finally given justice and discovered friendship and wealth This is a website about Lious Sachar and the books that he has published. One on them is Holes. REFLECTION! Reading Holes by Loius Sachar reveals that you can’t judge someone without knowing them fully. We can learn to stop being hasty every time we judge someone. Because we, as human beings can make huge mistakes. Like Stanley did with Zero. At first he underestimated Zero, probably because of the influence the other kids had on him. He thought Zero was stupid, even though he didn’t know him. Everyone thought he was brainless, but he just did not like answering their questions. “You know why his name’s Zero?” Mr. Pendanski “Because there’s nothing inside his head.” Mr. Pendanski “Even you, Zero. You’re not completely worthless.” Mr. Pendanski Every time Stanley wrote a letter to his mother, Zero was always watching behind his back. That annoyed Stanley because he thought Zero was reading everything he wrote. The thing was that Zero did not know how to read. “He did not care what Zero thought. Zero was nobody.” Zero asked Stanley if he could teach him how to read, but Stanley refused. He didn't’t have the strength to try to teach Zero to read and write. Stanley was very suspicious about Zero but Stanley started to know him more and got to know what kind of person he really is.

This thought me that we should not always judge with our own eyes, but we
should take time knowing them personally.

Thank You For Listening
to my Presentation! BY: CAITLIN NIEDO
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