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Technological Convergence

No description

Jennifer Mead

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Technological Convergence

How has it changed the way media producers use technology? Media producers can do more with a single piece of technology; for example newer digital cameras have the ability to not only take photos and videos, but edit and upload them to social networking sites.

The quality of cameras on smartphones are also increasing, as technology gets smaller and cheaper, which is useful for media producers as their products, although produced on a phone, are more high quality, How has it affected the way audiences access technology? Audiences are now able to access technology much easier; for example, the iPhone lets audiences consume, create and buy videos and music which eliminates the need for computers to edit footage and photos

It is also saves space as iPhones can hold thousands of songs whereas before, a portable CD player and a few CDs would also need to be carried around.

It can also hold apps and games, as well as books therefore products are much easier to obtain. What is Technological Convergence? Technological convergence is when existing technologies merge to create new technology. What are the advantages and disadvantages for audiences? Advantages What are the advantages and disadvantages for media producers? - easier and cheaper to make products
- the products will be of higher quality
- easier to advertise to consumers
- easier to distribute their products
- can make products very quickly e.g. can record a cover of a song and upload it in a few minutes and don't have to book a studio or buy expensive equipment

- have to keep innovating and changing their products as there is an increase in having one device having lots of functions
- can get lots of negative feedback and reviews and get a bad reputation
- don't receive as much money
- there is lots of competition - different technologies are more accessible and affordable
- more user generated content with higher quality can be produced
- easier for audiences to get information and interact with others
- can interact with the media producers and get your opinions head easier
- can get new and updated information continuously, and when/where they want

- battery life may be reduced on gadgets
- some functions may not be available without the internet
- if the device breaks, they may not be able to access other things that rely on it
- some people may not understand and not be able to use the technology as it's very different
Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
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