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Pobre Ana

No description

Dei R

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Pobre Ana

Ana is a 15 year-old with brown, long hair and blue eyes
She goes to West Torrance High School
She has a lot of problems:
She's poor
Her Mom yells at her
Her siblings don't help her
Her Dad doesn't buy her anything
Her friends have money Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Mrs. Borda tells Ana Mexico is very different
Ana travels to Nayarit, Mexico
The Sánchez aren't in the airport, but José helps Ana get to their house
She meets Ernesto, Julia, Susana, Juana, Pablo and Juan
She befriends Susana and Juana
The girls talk about the differences between California and Nayarit Chapter 3 Mrs. Borda, the Spanish teacher, tells Ana about an all expense-paid trip to Mexico
Ana wants to go to Mexico
She wants to escape from her problems in the States
Her Dad allows her to go since it's free The girls visit the gym, the park, the pool, the store, the bank and buy tacos
They come home to spend the rest of the day watching TV and listening to music. Chapter 4 Ana meets Patricia in the gym
She visits Patricia
She stays at her house and they talk about music, food and school Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Ana and Patricia go to a dance
Ana meets Ricardo
Ricardo and Ana dance and talk about their families
When she gets home, Ana gets sad because she'll be leaving to California soon Chapter 7 Tomorrow, Ana will return to California
Ana says her goodbyes to Patricia and Ricardo
She thanks the Sánchez for her experience in Mexico
Ana leaves for California
She's happy she's home, but misses Mexico Ana thinks of her life differently
She realizes how lucky she is, and that her family has quite a lot compared to people in Mexico
Ricardo writes a letter to Ana
She writes back to Ricardo telling him she's thinking of visiting Mexico in two years Chapter 8 Ana finds her 'problems' aren't so big after all
She talks to the Student Body President about a clothes donation to Mexico
They plan a dance where entrance was paid with clothes
Those clothes would be sent to Mexico
Ana smiles because her life is perfect Chapter 9 Pobre Ana By Deianeira Rodriguez Chapter 7 'Gigante' stores is a supermarket line in Latin countries. Much like Wal-mart, it sells from food to clothes.
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