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Anna Karenina - 1935

No description

Chloe Sherry

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of Anna Karenina - 1935

Anna Karenina - 1935
tall, blonde, formal
"plow fields" "live more like peasants"
no ice skating scene
very forward with Kitty
scene: proposal (18:30)
no countryside scenes
no marriage build-up or aftermath
main conflict between Sergei and Vronsky
scene: torn (47:30)
emotional; dramatic
"But you know, Dolly, there's something there...pitious" (1:28:04)
harsh and stoic
focused on work
"To subject me to annoyance at a critical time like this is very inconsiderate" (40:41)
tells Sergei Anna is dead
scene: note (1:05:00)
~90 minutes
singing & dancing performance
limited Levin
fairly accurate Karenin
overwhelming focus on Anna
relationship between Anna and Sergei
loss of translational value
"makes you feel as fit as a Cossack"
similar procession initially
reduced Levin & Kitty
trip abroad
no painter
no pregnancy
no divorce pursuit
Vronsky to war
scene: departure & suicide (1:28:35)
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