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No description

Ishita Bhatia

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Houzup

Why Houzup ??

It's the need of today's home creator
Why Should Designer, Architect and Contractor have presence on houzup.com ????

Houzup is a home to all its investors..
Promotion of Houzup.com
Houzup Marketplace

1.Kitchen -> Fixtures, Furniture, Cookware, Crockery, Sink, Sink Tap, Utensils, Earthen & Modern Ware
2. Bedroom -> Beds, Cabinets, Wardrobes, LIghts, Window Blinds, Dressing Table, Vanity, Novelty
3. Bathroom -> Taps, Showers, W.C, Wash basin, Accessories, Cabinet, Bath Tub, Whirlpool, Jacuzzi
4. Furniture -> Sofa set, couch, TV Unit, Chest, Wardrobes, Chairs
5. Furnishing -> Bedsheets, Pillow covers, Upholstery, Rugs, Carpet, Wallpaper, Wall Colour
6. Garden -> Gardening equipments, lamp posts, gates, grills, fabricated items
7. Landscape -> Landscaping tools, machines,
8. Patio -> Lights, grills,
9. Terrace
10. Living Area

What Do We Plan To Do With
All The Money That We Will Raise Today ??

Investment in best resources to produce a world class platform having features for both the designers and the customers.
In-house technology team reflecting latest trends and user satisfaction.
Search Engine Marketing for user engagement and client involvement
Talent has no confines.

We optimize human potential and give a stage to proactive and prudent Designers, Architects & other allied professionals to showcase their ideas, work and experience around the globe .

Our mission is to connect the Designer fraternity to the prospective customers, through our interactive platform. We help our users reach their most important customers around the nation.

We make the unavailable available.
The Business Proposition
Brand Soul
Houzup has multiple channels to generate revenue.

The houzup marketplace offers a wide range of products to choose from
Social Media Marketing to be used as the primary tool.
Digital marketing,SEO,SEM handled by a dedicated team
Collaboration with forums, governing committees and institutes and colleges for Interior Designers and Architects.
Campaigns and ambassador programs in design colleges
PR activities
Global Connectivity to Customers
Face-to-Face Interaction
Personal Profile Pages
Android & iOS apps
Work Showcase
+ Divyesh Panchal
+ Rajesh Tomar
+ Tushar Shrivastav
+ Ishita Bhatia
+ Bhavesh Barot

#organizer #leader #business developer
# well-versed
#techno #scientist
# collaborative

#coding expert
#data mining

#smart #analytical
#content generation
#team player

Why should you Invest In Houzup.com ?

Exit strategy

Why Houzup ?
Featured space to Architects, Designers and Contractors to showcase their ideas and work to customers
Marketplace of products related to house interior and exterior use (bathroom fittings, bath ware, kitchenware, cook ware, bedroom, garden, terrace etc.)
Ad space to domestic, national and international companies engaged in manufacturing, importing, distribution, wholesaling and retailing of products and services related to house building and remodeling industry.

We are just at infancy stage and every bit of our focus is currently on ideas to develop and grow the business.

However, we are totally aware about the fact that any investor would invest with one single goal that is to make maximum profits on investment and thus we plan exit strategy for you..

Investor in seed round funding will have an option to exit in round B or C. Expected period of exit 3 – 5 years.

Investor in seed round and A & B round will have an option to exit by selling stake to other buyer willing to enter at later stage.

IPO will be the ultimate stage where investors will make the most of their investments.
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