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Unit 6 Critical Approaches to

No description

Leonard Flood

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Unit 6 Critical Approaches to

Unit 6 Critical Approaches to
Creative Media Products

Learning Outcomes

LO 1 - Understand how media producers define audiences for their products

How to define an audience

LO2 - Understand how media producers create products for specific audiences

Addressing audiences
Audience feedback

LO3 - Understand how media audiences respond to media products

Audience theory
Effects debates

Lo4 - Be able to develop responses to media products

Critical approaches
Narrative structures

Task 1
Task 1 Continued
Part 3 - There is a number of titles on the table, can you again define the term, and find an example of a media text that has been created for that section of audience
Task 2
Mainstream Alternative & Niche

Can you chose a genre of media text and find an example for 1 of each of the above audiences?
What is it all about?
This unit aims to develop your understanding of how media producers create their products for targeted

It also aims to develop your critical and personal understanding of these products.

Looking at media production from these perspectives will give learners a more focused approach to their own production work
Part 1. Define the term in your own words 'Quantitative' and outline 1 organisation that collects media data

Part 2. Define the term 'Qualitative' again in your own words and list a number of methods
they might use to gather that data

All work should have you name on, plus be placed on the corresponding table
All work should have you name on, plus be placed on the corresponding table
All work should have you name on, plus be placed on the corresponding table
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