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Parli Pro and Roberts Rules of Order

No description

Tyler N

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of Parli Pro and Roberts Rules of Order

Parli Pro and Roberts Rules of Order
Point of Personal Privilege
Point of Clarification
Motion to extend
Motion to end
Call to Question
Point of personal privilege
Complain about heat, ask someone to speak up, etc.
Motion to End
End Q&A, End Pro/Con, End discussion all before time is up
How to Make a Motion!
When called on:
A dissent is when you disagree with a motion.
After your dissent is recognized you must state your reason for the dissent.
There will then be a vote on the dissent, either in favor of the dissent or opposed to the dissent
You can just ask questions here! :)
You don't need to worry about always using actions here.
Unclear about an issue
Point of Clarification
Someone needs more time in a presentation
Motion to Extend
Call to Question
To end discussion and move into a vote
If the dissent passes, we return to where we were before the motion was made
If the dissent is not passed then we vote on the original motion
Tyler: "Is there a second?"
Eliza: *Raises Placard* "I second"
Tyler: "Is there a dissent?...seeing no dissents the motion is approved
Tori: "I move to..."
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